What are Ways to Prevent Herpes?

So you're curious about how to prevent herpes. You might be reading this because you're interested in dating someone with the herpes virus but are worried about the possibility of acquiring it.

Or you might have the herpes virus yourself for some time, and are seeking for ways on how to reduce the transmission of the infection to your non-herpes positive partner.

Whatever your concern may be, do know that the prospect of having herpes does not mean your sex life is over!

Many couples worldwide continue to have active sex lives for many years without passing on the herpes virus.

Some prefer to practice safe sex whenever they engage in sexual intercourse with their partners. Others just simply abstain from any sexual activity until the herpes sores disappear.

The level of risk that’s comfortable is up to the discretion of the couple. There are just a few adjustments to be made but they are at most, very minor, and will not radically affect the quality of your private life.

Here are some guidelines on how to prevent herpes:

How to Prevent Herpes Transmission?

prevent herpes transmission

If you have herpes, the rule of thumb is to abstain from any form of sexual contact with a non-herpes positive partner whenever you experience outbreaks. This is because the herpes virus is actively shedding at this time and therefore, the risk of transmission is very high.

Viral shedding can start as early as the prodrome period so look out for warning signs of an oncoming outbreak such as itchy or tingling sensation.

Herpes prevention starts with having an honest and open discussion with your partner, especially when becoming intimate is in the horizon. I know it sounds intimidating... but it is the right thing to do. Giving “The Talk” is only scary during the first couple of times that you do it. But trust me, it gets easier in the long run.

If you truly care about the person, you want them to have the choice that got taken away from you when you acquired the herpes virus. Trying to hide your condition by being dishonest is not worth the guilt and shame that follows after.

If they decide to stay with you then you’re well on your way to happiness. But if they decide to let go—and they do have the choice, then maybe they weren't the best partners for you anyway.

Another good way to prevent herpes is by practicing safe sex. With genital sex herpes, it’s always a gamble without protection, so using protective measures such as condoms are of utmost importance.

Remember a person can be asymptomatic but still contagious. So sometimes, it won’t be easy to tell when the virus is actively shedding.

Do note that even with a condom, the risk of transmitting the infection is not totally eliminated. The virus can still pass on to areas not covered by a condom. However, use of protection can prevent herpes by greatly reducing the chances by about 50%. 

If you suffer from cold sores, consider using a condom or dental dam to prevent the virus from transferring from the mouth / lips to the genital area during oral herpes sex.

How to Prevent Herpes Outbreaks

Herpes outbreaks are annoying and uncomfortable. Some people experience really bad episodes that the mere thought of going to the bathroom to pee sends shivers down their spine.

But there are effective methods of herpes prevention to reduce the severity and duration of a herpes outbreak:

  1. Keep stress levels down. The herpes virus loves to thrive inside a weak body so don’t give it that opportunity.
  2. Cease from smoking. This unhealthy habit does nothing but exacerbate the frequency and pain that comes with herpes symptoms.
  3. Reduce alcohol intake. Heavy alcohol consumption can also produce other unwanted health problems so limit your drinking at all costs.
  4. Eat healthy. Incorporating more greens, vitamin C, and nutritious foods in your diet will strengthen your immune system.
  5. Add some exercise. Sweating it out can release all those feel-good hormones that greatly relieve stress and tension.

The more your body breaks down, the more the herpes virus sheds. So please, love your body.

Take good care of it. You only have one.

Final Words on How to Prevent Herpes

Always exercise proper hygiene. Washing your hands regularly especially after touching a sore can help in preventing herpes.

Take antiviral medication every day as suppressive therapy especially when sexually active. You could also try the natural herpes cure way or some natural herpes treatment options as alternative choices.

By following these guidelines on how to prevent herpes, you will find a dramatic decrease in the intensity of each outbreak.

The more you treat your body with the love, respect and care it deserves, the more you will find inner peace and joy—knowing  that you’re not letting the herpes virus take you down.

Preventing herpes is not an easy task, particularly when it comes to telling your partner/s. There’s always that initial fear of getting rejected, judged, or humiliated. But don’t let that stop you.

Don’t allow this silly virus to take away your ability to truly love and be loved in return.

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