Find Out How to Get a Blood Test for Herpes

Here's how to get a Blood Test for Herpes, the most accurate herpes test for Genital Herpes diagnosis or Oral Herpes diagnosis.

So maybe you're worried because you've seen some symptoms of herpes on yourself or your partner?

Well then, it's time to do something about it. It's time to get a herpes test. There are some different options for a genital herpes test. But by far, the most accurate test for genital herpes or any type of herpes is a Herpes Blood Test.

This page will give you some basic guidelines for getting a blood test for herpes. I do recommend that you get one, they are very accurate, and not that expensive.

How Does a Herpes Blood Test Work?

First of all, a disclaimer here. I'm not a doctor nor a scientist. So I'll give you a brief explanation of how a herpes blood test works.

Herpes Blood Tests, especially the HerpesSelect tests, are 97%-100% accurate. This is why you should get a blood test for herpes. They can tell you whether you have HSV-1 or HSV-2. 

They detect for antibodies. After you are infected with herpes, your body will develop antibodies for herpes. Antibodies are proteins that are used in suppressing and fighting the disease. They are always developed if you have the herpes virus in your body.

When Should You Get the Test?

blood test for herpes

It takes 3-12 weeks for your body to develop antibodies to herpes.

Consequently, it is recommended that you get a blood test no earlier than 10 weeks after suspected infection. Otherwise, the blood tests could miss the presence of the herpes antibodies.

In other words, wait ten weeks for a Blood Test after suspected exposure.

So what do you do if it's earlier than 10-12 weeks? Well if it's only been a few weeks, then you will either have to get a Visual Diagnosis by a doctor OR a Viral Culture. The problem with both of these is that they can be inaccurate. Even doctors can misdiagnose herpes symptoms as another condition like a rash or pimples. Also viral cultures have been known to be 30-50% inaccurate.

So best thing to do is, even if you have been diagnosed by your doctor, follow up with a HerpesSelect test 10-12 weeks after your first exposure of a suspected outbreak.

Why should you get your sexual partner tested?

There's lots of good reasons to get your partner tested for herpes:

1. You might have given Herpes to them already. That would be quite unfortunate, and they'll be really upset at you. But there is a silver lining to the cloud. If they have herpes, and you have herpes, you can't get it twice. That means you can have sex without all the herpes precautions. Woo Hoo!

2. They might have given you Herpes. Most people get herpes from a partner who might not even know they have herpes. Or they are in denial. Or hiding it, etc. Well, a herpes blood test is easy and affordable to get, and will help the truthfulness in your relationship.

What if my partner doesn't want to get tested?

Well that says a lot about them. Demand it of your partners. STD tests are affordable and easy to get. If they don't want to go for a simple test maybe that shows a lack of maturity that you shouldn't be with. I'm being brutally honest here for good reasons.

A good place to recommend for your partner is They have testing locations across the U.S and even do home tests. Just direct your partner to their website to have them sign up. It only costs about $79 to get your partner tested for herpes. A little more to get a whole panel of STD tests done.

How to get a Blood Test for Herpes?

1. Visit your doctor informed. Reading this website and the others linked to on this page will have you go informed. Many doctors are woefully uninformed on herpes. Do your research before going and getting tested. Remember to wait 10-12 weeks after suspected infection or first outbreak. Before that you will have to wait until you have an outbreak and get a viral culture.

2. Ask for the HerpesSelect Test. This is the most accurate blood test for herpes and the newest. It is 98%-100% accurate AND will tell you what type of herpes you have.

3. Consider holding off from sexual activity until you get your results. At the minimum, tell your partner what you are doing. And SUGGEST THEY GET TESTED. Offer to pay for their test. Most of us got herpes from a partner who either denied they had herpes or who didn't know they had it.

4. Consider using a confidential laboratory to get the test. This is another option. Using a service like is awesome because it is fast, convenient, confidential, and affordable. Many of my readers have used this service. They do the type-specific herpes blood test (that can differentiate between HSV-1 and HSV-2) and they do it fast: you'll get the result in 1-2 days.

What Should I Do While Waiting for the Herpes Test Result?

Take it easy in that time. Be kind to yourself.

Even if you do get a positive diagnosis, your life is not over. Herpes is just a simple skin condition. It's not life threatening. You can still have a great love life and sex life even with genital herpes.

My site has lots of suggestions about how to live with herpes. It's not that big a deal.

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