The Ultimate Herpes Survival Guide on How to Live, Date, and Tell Your Partner about Herpes

This Herpes Survival Guide is your one-stop resource for up-to-date information on herpes.

If you (or your partner) suspect or know you have herpes (either cold sores or genital herpes), you've come to right place. You're about to learn...

  • How to be 99% certain you or your partner have HSV-1 or HSV-2
  • How to extinguish shock, anger, anxiety, shame and embarrassment
  • How to tell a partner you have herpes
  • What to do if you suspect your partner may have herpes
  • The proven and most effective treatment plan for preventing future outbreaks
  • The best ways to avoid transmitting herpes to your partner
  • How to go from coping and adjusting, to complete happiness!

This 187-page book is now the most up-to-date, information-packed, and happiness-producing guide available!

Best of all, you can order it right now in your choice of Paperback, downloadable PDF eBook, or Kindle versions!

The Herpes Survival Guide Helps You Like No Other Book

This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date herpes survival guide book available. More importantly, it's also the only herpes book that delivers a step-by-step COURSE to help you Live Happy and Healthy after Herpes!

1. Step One: Getting a Diagnosis. In this chapter you’ll learn about the different herpes viruses, and how to get the right test. Many people don’t know if they have herpes, so getting an accurate test is essential. You’ll also do some exercises that will help you through accepting and coming to peace with your diagnosis.

2. Step Two: How to Calm Unhappy Emotions. Most people experience difficult negative emotions after a herpes diagnosis. In this chapter you’ll explore the reasons for your emotional reaction and some underlying deeper emotions that exaggerate a negative reaction. You’ll go through some exercises that will help calm your emotions, that way you can begin taking positive actions so you can live happy and healthy with the virus.

3. Step Three: How to Treat your Outbreaks. Getting uncomfortable outbreaks is for many, the worst part of having herpes. In this chapter you’ll learn the best ways to manage and suppress those outbreaks.

4. Step Four: How to use Herpes Support Groups. Joining a support group can help you a lot when you first get a diagnosis. You’ll meet new friends and receive wonderful emotional support.

5. Step Five: How to Tell Your Partner. Telling your partner that you have herpes is one of the most difficult early challenges. This chapter makes it so much easier, and includes companion exercises.

6. Step Six: How to Date and Have Sex with Herpes. Yes, you CAN restart or continue your dating life after the herpes diagnosis. It’s a lot easier than you might think. This chapter offers not just precautions but sex-life enhancers.

7. Step Seven: How to be Happy and Healthy with Herpes. Improving your overall physical and emotional health are as important as steps you can take specifically for herpes. In this chapter you’ll learn why, and you'll learn ALL the ways you can prevent frequent outbreaks AND live a happier, healthier life overall. You’ll also get some great tips for staying happy with the virus.

More About the Herpes Survival Guide eBook

  • It packs plain-English answers to all your questions into 187 pages!
  • You’ll get a unique set of exercises which you can do at your own pace, to immediately improve your health and mindset.
  • It’s useful for both HSV-1 (Cold sores) and HSV-2 (Genital Herpes).
  • It’s available as a Paperback, and in Kindle and eBook versions you can download anywhere, anytime, immediately.

How to Order the Herpes Survival Guide eBook

Ordering the book is easy, and all methods of ordering are via securely encrypted means to ensure your privacy.

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About the Author, Gary Samuels. Gary is the founder of Happy With Herpes, a website that has helped tens of thousands of people with the herpes virus. While years of medical research and his own journey went into the development of The Herpes Survival Guide, Gary is quick to point out that the all-important subtitle -- How to Live Happy and Healthy after Herpes -- would not have been possible without the hundreds of success-story contributions of readers whose experience shaped the happiness-yielding contents of the book.

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