Curious about Herpes? Here's some Herpes Photos!

Looking at some herpes photos will help you figure out if you have herpes symptoms. Or looking at some photos of herpes will help you figure out if your partner has some symptoms of herpes.

Many people don't know what does herpes look like. Herpes can be mistaken with many other conditions.

That's why many people don't realize they have herpes, and even doctors misdiagnose the condition.

So looking at some images of herpes can help you make a decision if you have herpes symptoms. After that, you need to visit a doctor knowledgeable about STDs and skin conditions.

After you visit a doctor, you will need to get a herpes test. Don't delay. Find out as soon as possible. That way you can begin the healing process.

In other words, don't rely on these photos of herpes for a diagnosis! SEE A DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Herpes Photos

Herpes Photos

Images of Herpes

Sometimes you need a good introduction to herpes in general. This article will show you images of herpes that will display the different types of herpes.

Photos Genital Herpes 

Looking at some photos of genital herpes can be a little gross. But these are important herpes symptoms to look for in you or your partner.

Genital Herpes Symptoms Images

These images of genital herpes can be disturbing to look at. In fact, genital herpes really sucks to have. But you will learn to live and love with it.

What Do Herpes Look Like?

Some pictures and information about what herpes looks like on both males and females.

Oral Herpes Pictures

Here are some pictures of oral herpes to help you recognize the classic signs and symptoms.

Other Helpful Links for Photos of Herpes

Here's some links to other websites that have many photos of herpes. 

Some of these photos show only the most extreme cases.

Most of the time, your outbreaks will not be this severe.

What Does Herpes Look Like?
My own article introducing you to the different types of herpes. Herpes Pictures & Cold Sore Pictures
Also another website with lots of genital herpes photos and even more photos of herpes on the lips.

What Should You Do Next?

So if you think that you or your partner have herpes of any type (cold sores or genital herpes) then it is time to take some action.

Here's a simple course of action:

1. Get Tested with a Blood Test. It only costs about $90 to get a herpes blood test. You'll learn for sure that way if you or your partner have herpes.

2. Learn more about the Herpes Virus. I have written an action guide, The Herpes Survival Guide, that will tell you a lot more about the virus:

  • How to tell your partner
  • Testing options
  • How to date and have sex with herpes
  • How to treat outbreaks

Knowing what does herpes look like will give you an idea of the signs and symptoms of what you (or your partner) may be experiencing. This way you can make informed decisions health-wise.

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