Here's A Look At Some Photos Genital Herpes


These photos genital herpes are graphic, but can help you determine if you have genital herpes symptoms.

Finding some strange rashes or blisters around your genital area is a shock.

Many people just ignore it and hope it goes away. But you're here because you're wondering if you (or your partner) have certain symptoms of herpes.

Well these genital herpes photos cannot answer that question. But they can show you what herpes can look like in the genital area.

If you have any of these genital herpes symptoms, then you should make an appointment to see a doctor as soon as possible and get a confidential herpes blood test. Herpes blood tests are affordable (like $90) and very accurate.

What Does Genital Herpes Look Like?

This is a good introduction to photos genital herpes.

You can get these kind of herpes sores ANYWHERE around your genital area.

Notice the very characteristic signs of herpes:

  • small blisters (filled with liquid) clustered together
  • redness, irritation of the skin
  • scabbing of the herpes blisters after a few days

I've personally had genital herpes for two decades.

I occasionally get these kind of herpes outbreaks in the skin around my pubic hair.

Though you can get these kind of genital herpes outbreaks on your penis, around/in the vagina, on the labia, in pubic hair, on your inner thighs, even on your back.

Male Genital Herpes Photo

Male Genital Herpes Photo

This is a photo of genital herpes on the penis. Notice the herpes blister or herpes sores are in an earlier stage than the last photo. Herpes typically goes through various stages. Shown here are genital herpes sores around the shaft of the penis.

Female Genital Herpes Photo

Female Genital Herpes Photo

In this photo of genital herpes, you can see the characteristic herpes sore just at the base of the vagina.

Speaking to my female friends who have genital herpes, they say they can get herpes outbreaks anywhere in their genital area. That includes herpes outbreaks on the labia, herpes in/around the vagina, herpes sores in the pubic area, even getting herpes outbreaks on the legs or lower back.

What Should You Do Next After These Photos Genital Herpes?

So if you've looked at these photos genital herpes and think you (or your partner) have some symptoms of genital herpes then I'd recommend you do the following:

1. Get Tested!. Don't rely on using herpes photos to diagnose yourself or your partner. You should see a doctor who can prescribe a test. You can also get a low-cost (but highly accurate herpes blood test that will only cost about $90).

2. Quit having genital intercourse until you figure out for sure if you have Herpes. Herpes is contagious so its best to not have intercourse until you get tested. Good to get your partner tested also.

3. Start a treatment plan. The good news is gerpes is treatable! That means there are genital herpes medications and other herbal treatments that can help treat your symptoms and prevent outbreaks.

herpes survival guide

4. Learn more. There's a lot to learn about living with genital herpes. It takes a little while to learn how to be happy and healthy and have a good sex life with this virus.

I wrote a course, The Herpes Survival Guide, that has hundreds of tips on how to live with genital herpes.

That could help you also.

Twenty percent (20%) of the American population have genital herpes with up to 50-70% in some urban areas. You're not alone. You'll survive this. It's not life threatening.

But you will have to do something about it. 

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