Three Reasons to Get a Herpes Blood Test (and How)

Worried that you have the symptoms of Herpes? It's time for a Herpes Blood Test!

Up to 90% of the adult population have HSV-1 (Cold Sores). And up to 20% of the population have HSV-2 (genital herpes).

But most people like 90%, according to studies, don’t know that they have herpes! That’s why this little virus gets passed around so much.

So if you’ve noticed some strange sores around your mouth or genital area, it’s time you consider getting a herpes blood test.

Here’s three good reasons why you should consider getting a blood test for herpes and how to get one.

The quickest way to get a blood test (in the USA) is to use a laboratory testing service like It's affordable and you'll find a testing close to your house and you'll find out confidentially in days if you have Herpes Virus.

Reason #1: Herpes Blood Tests are very Accurate

Genital Herpes Blood Test

Herpes blood tests are very, very accurate, like 99% accurate.

They work by looking for the antibodies created by your body when you contract the virus. So the test looks for the presence of these antibodies. So even if you have no visible symptoms then the test can still tell you if you have the virus.

The old type of blood test for herpes was the IgM test, now the new tests incorporate the detection of IgG antibodies. The latter remain in the bloodstream longer than the former and thus are a more accurate and reliable measurement of the virus in the system. 

The two big tests are:

HerpesSelect Test: This is the blood test I had done two years ago. It is a brand name. It uses two different tests, one called the ELISA test and the other called the Immunoblot. It is an IgG test, so it can tell you the difference between HSV-1 and HSV-2. It is a very affordable test and easy to order if you chose to have it done in a laboratory. Your doctor can also do the test for you.

Western Blot Test. This test is considered the “gold standard” of herpes blood tests. It is by far the most accurate something like 99.9% accurate. It’s kinda difficult to get as you send your blood through a lab or doctor up to the University of Washington in the U.S.A.

Why use the Western Blot? This is the test to get when you must 100% know about your herpes, or if your HerpesSelect test score is less than 3.5.  Much easier to use a local HerpesSelect testing service if you ask me.

My Recommendation: Many of my readers love I have communicated many times with this company. They have testing locations all over the U.S and you can get a confidential (not even your doctor or insurance company will know) test for only $79. 

You can also call them at this phone number: 1-800-456-2323. They have STD counselors on standby who can answer your questions, no matter what your results are.

Reason #2: 
You need to know if your sexual partner has Herpes

Up to 90% of people that have the virus don’t know that they have it.

In other words, don’t believe your potential sexual partner when they say they don’t have any STD’s.

Before you have sex with a potential partner, get them tested!

Also, say you have herpes. You can get your partner tested to see if you have given it to them or if they already have it.


Because if they have it, then you can’t get it twice. So sex becomes a lot less problematic and a lot more fun!

Reason #3: 
Getting a Herpes Blood Test is Easy and Convenient

Getting a herpes test is convenient. You have a few simple options:

a. Ask your doctor for the test. Your doctor will pull a small amount of blood from you and then send it off to a lab. Within a few days, you will get an answer if you have herpes and what type you have.

Be sure to ask for HerpesSelect or Western Blot test. Make sure it has been at least 12 weeks since you suspect you've caught Herpes or when you first had symptoms.

b. Go visit a laboratory or testing service. There’s many labs and testing services. Do a Google search for “STD testing” near where you live. There also might be a laboratory at your school. 

Using a service like makes it really easy and convenient to get your partner tested. Their service is pretty reliable and cheap.

Planned ParentHood also has low cost or no cost testing if you are also low on finances.

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