Here's How to Get the Right Type of Herpes Test

You need to take the right type of herpes test, to get an accurate genital herpes diagnosis. As soon as you've seen some symptoms of herpes, it is recommended that you go get some type of test for herpes.

Otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy worrying.

Or the other scenario, is that you've noticed some herpes symptoms and signs in your sexual partner. In that case, you should suggest to your partner to get tested. This can be a sensitive topic, so you might want to get some herpes testing done on yourself first.

Then you can show the results to your partner as a way to get them tested. Just an idea, that works for this sensitive issue. Best to lead by example here.

Don't delay or be wary on this topic! This virus is being passed on so quickly because people are not getting the right tests done often enough before getting sexual with their partners.

Types of Herpes Testing

Herpes Test

Blood Test For Herpes

This is the most reliable type of test of any type (HSV-1 or HSV-2). There are many different types. Here I list the pros and cons of each of them..

Genital Herpes Testing

You also have some different options for genital herpes testing.

Herpes Blood Test

Here's three good reasons why you should get a blood test and how to get one.

Test for Herpes

Here's some other different types of tests that you can get including visual diagnoses, viral cultures, and blood tests.

Herpes Testing

Some facts and statistics to help you decide when and how you (or your partner) should get tested.

Some other useful Herpes Testing Sites

Here's some other websites that are very useful to read before getting a test for Herpes.

Herpes Blood Tests
Here is a listing and explanation of different blood tests that's accurate for herpes.

Blood Tests Listing for Herpes
Another website listing the different types of tests that you can get.

How Soon Should You Get Tested?

If you are having symptons of herpes right now: You will have to get a viral culture test such as the PCR. Visit a health clinic or your doctor to get the tests arranged.

If it has been at least 10 weeks since exposure: Then you want to get a HerpesSelect test (most reliable). Your doctor might be able to arrange this for you. You can also use a confidential and convenient testing service such as STDcheck. It's cheap, too.

If you want to get your partner tested. There's good reasons to get your partner tested also, after your own Herpes diagnosis, or even before you get in a sexual relationship. This way, you not only protect your own health but the health of others as well.

Just whatever you do, go get tested!!! That way you will know for sure instead of worrying whether you have Herpes. 

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