Need to See Some Herpes Symptoms Pictures? (Maybe you might have it...)

WARNING!!! The pictures below are graphic!

Here's some herpes symptoms pictures to see if you have the signs or symptoms of herpes. 

You're probably worried you've seen something strange on yourself or even on your partner.

And you're worrying whether it's herpes or not.

Or maybe you're just curious what herpes is and what it looks like.

Well you'll get an idea about Herpes from continually reading the article below.

My Disclaimer

LISTEN! I'm not a doctor nor do I give medical advice. If you want to know if you really have Herpes you will need to get a blood test from a company like These blood tests are like 98% accurate. Or get your partner tested. 

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be medical advice or a medical diagnosis. It is important that you go see a doctor and get a herpes test (preferably blood test) to see if you have this virus.

Again use these pictures as an education rather than a medical guide.

I'll suggest some specific action steps you should consider taking if you suspect you have herpes.

Up to 80% of people that have genital herpes don't know that they have it. So if you've seen these symptoms, there's a good chance you have it.

Early Herpes Symptoms Picture

Early Herpes Symptoms

This is a picture of a mild early herpes symptom. Notice:

  • Red irritated skin
  • Small blisters
  • It looks like a rash

This is just one herpes symptoms picture. You can learn more about early symptoms herpes here.

Picture of Genital Herpes Outbreak

Picture of Genital Herpes

A classic herpes symptoms picture. This is a genital herpes outbreak in full effect. Notice:

  • Very irritated skin
  • Cluster of blisters (usually Herpes breaks out in multiple blisters)
  • These blisters are broken, revealing raw skin

This looks like a painful picture of genital herpes. This is a pretty severe outbreak, and when you first get herpes, your outbreaks can be this severe. Over time, your herpes outbreaks will get less and less severe.

You can learn more about the stages of herpes here.

Picture of Herpes Sores

These are what Herpes sores look like once they are in the scab/drying stage. Notice the blisters are now drying up and turning into scabs.

This is a good herpes symptoms picture because it shows the sores all clustered together even though they are small.

You can learn more about the symptoms of herpes here. Continue reading so you can recognize the signs or symptoms of herpes on you or your partner.

Picture of Cold Sores (Oral Herpes)

Picture of Cold Sore

This is a herpes symptoms picture of a cold sore. Cold sores are a type of herpes (HSV-1).

Notice how it has all the same characteristics from the herpes pictures above. The location is just different. Oral herpes tends to occur on the lips or around the lips. You can learn about other herpes in mouth symptoms here.

After a while, looking at some of the other pictures of herpes symptoms on this website, you will recognize the signs and symptoms of herpes.

So if any of these look familiar to you on your body or on your partner please go get tested by a doctor! Or get your partner tested! It's best to hold off on sex or kissing until you get tested to see if you test positive for HSV-1 or HSV-2.

What You Should Do Next

Well if you've seen all or any of these herpes symptoms pictures on you or your partner, you should be worried. I hate to say it but you should. While herpes is a relatively minor skin condition, it still needs to be taken seriously. 

Why? Because herpes is highly contagious. While herpes is not dangerous or life threatening, it can be easily passed on to your sexual partners.

Here's some ideas on what you should do next:

1. Get Tested. This is the most important thing you should do if you suspect you have oral herpes or genital herpes. Your doctor can direct you to a testing center.

Or give the people at STDcheck a call at 1-800-456-2323 and they can answer your questions about testing. Herpes blood tests are very accurate and affordable.

2. Get your partner tested! Even if you suspect that you are the one with herpes, getting your partner tested is a good idea because they might have given it to you, or you might have given it to them. I know it's an uncomfortable topic to talk about, but have courage.

3. If postive- consider medications. So if your test results are positive then you should speak to your physician about using some medications such as Valtrex to supress outbreaks. You can speak to a doctor immediately (and even get prescriptions) at

4. Educate yourself. I have also written a seven step action guide that goes into much more detail about how to live with herpes than what is on this website. The action guide is called the The Herpes Survival Guide. You might find that very useful also.

Lots of helpful tips in there on topics such as:

  • telling your partner
  • getting the right medication
  • how to have sex with genital herpes

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