These are the Early Symptoms of Herpes...
Check if You Have Them!

Usually the early symptoms of herpes will occur within two days to three weeks within first exposure to the virus.

Yes, you can catch herpes that quickly!

Remember this virus is HIGHLY contagious. It will go around condoms and protection.

Many people are in absolute denial about the early symptoms of herpes. They will not admit that something is wrong with them, especially if they are having lesions in the genital area.

It simply is just too embarrassing, and emotionally devastating to go to a doctor and tell them about this.

Don't let that hold you back! The sooner you find out whether you have the early symptoms of herpes, the sooner you can start to consider some herpes treatments that will work for you.

Go see a gynecologist, dermatologist, STD specialist, or get laboratory tested as soon as you notice any or all of these symptoms listed below.

The First Stage of Herpes (The Earliest Symptoms of Herpes)

The early symptoms of herpes is called the Primary Outbreak.

The early symptoms of herpes are generalized. In other words, your whole body will not feel right during the PRIMARY OUTBREAK. During the primary outbreak you might feel sick all over your body.

A lot of people (I have read 90%) will get these early symptoms of herpes.

You might get one or more of the following symptoms during the primary outbreak of herpes:

  • decreased appetite
  • severe fever
  • flu-like symptoms
  • general feeling on malaise/sadness
  • muscle aches
  • extremely swollen glands around the body
  • back pain
  • leg aches or pain
  • swelling in the vagina
  • swelling in the penis

The important thing to remember is that everyone gets the early symptoms of herpes differently.

And many people, especially women, will not feel the early symptoms herpes at all!!!

A lot of people don't recognize these early symptoms and signs of herpes so they continue their sexual practices with their partner, putting them at risk.

This is why it is important that you go get a herpes test as soon as possible if you suspect you have these symptoms.

Next Stage of Herpes: 
Local Symptoms of Genital Herpes or Cold Sores

Early Symptoms Herpes lesion

(Picture of lesions associated with the Early Symptoms Herpes)

The early symptoms of herpes are followed by the Local Herpes Symptoms.

This starts with a redness or itchiness in the skin. It could also feel like a tingling or a burning sensation. This is called Prodrome. You are STILL CONTAGIOUS AT THIS TIME.

Your herpes outbreak will go through various stages of herpes. Eventually the redness in the skin will turn into lesions or blisters. There will be small blisters filled with liquid on the skin.

You will typically get these on the penis or around the genital area if you're a man.

As a woman, you can get these lesions anywhere in and around your vagina or genital area.

Of course, people have also gotten herpes outbreak symptoms around the groin area, legs, buttocks, or on the thighs.

The blisters will be around for between 4 days and two weeks. Before they scab up and then fall off.

My Early Symptoms of Herpes

I am very familiar with the early symptoms of herpes because I have had genital herpes for over 20 years.

It begins with a tingling skin sensation in my genital area. Within a day, that area is red and itchy - then I know I have an outbreak coming on.

I will double up on my suppressive herpes medications (Acyclovir) or Valtrex when I feel this in my body.

You can also take herpes medication such as Valtrex or Famvir at this time to prevent or suppress the virus from breaking out in blisters. 

What to do if you have the Early Symptoms of Herpes

What should you do if you feel like you have some early symptoms of herpes going on in your body?

Here's a simple guide:

1. See a doctor.

2. Get a herpes test.

3. Tell your partner. Telling your partner is the responsible thing to do. Maybe hold off on sex and get them tested by a laboratory.

4. Consider treatment options. There's lots and lots of herpes treatments available.

Your life will go on with herpes.

It's really not so bad. You'll still be able to have sex. And still be able to love and be loved.

Just a few changes in your lifestyle, that's all.

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