Natural Herpes Cure:  
Learn to Treat Herpes the Natural Way

Natural Herpes Cure is all the rage these days, what with the increasing price of medications. More and more people are curious about these reasonably priced miracle wonders that can ease the symptoms of a herpes outbreak.

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford a steady supply of antiviral medication. Some may have searched high and low for the right kind of herpes treatment to no avail. Others may have even experienced unwanted side effects from over-the-counter drugs. 

So alternatively, some people choose to go the natural or organic route to healing their genital herpes or oral herpes sores. Although not scientifically proven, a lot of people swear by these natural treatments for herpes and claim to be outbreak-free for months!

Below is a list of common natural cure for herpes treatments and their uses. Plus some helpful tips and advice on how you can effectively manage your herpes outbreaks.

Options for Natural Herpes Cure 

Natural Herpes Cure

Herpes does not have to take over your life. You can do something about your outbreaks. When it comes to natural herpes cure, the power is in your hands! Here are some options you can take to treat your herpes sores.

  1. Tea Tree Oil - this essential oil is known for its therapeutic healing properties. Take a Q-Tip and dab gently to your herpes sores for instant relief from itchiness and pain.
  2. Cocoa Butter & Pure Vitamin E - herpes outbreaks can leave unsightly scabs sometimes so instead of peeling and risk opening up the wound once again, dab this mixture on the area affected and you’re sensitive skin will repair in no time.
  3. Epsom Salt - place some Epsom salt in a tub filled with warm water and soak for at least an hour the next time you take a bath. This provides a soothing effect to your mind and body before the start of the day.
  4. L-Lysine - this is a natural amino acid found in certain food that we eat. It inhibits viral replication and boosts the immune system allowing the sores to heal faster.
  5. Aloe vera - I personally love this plant as an example of a natural cure for herpes. You can buy a readily-available Aloe vera gel and place it directly on your sores to provide a natural cooling sensation that promotes healing.

What’s great about these treatments is that you can find them conveniently at your local pharmacy, as nutritional supplements, or sold in packs at your grocery store.

Helpful Tips on Natural Herpes Cure

To be able to heal faster, it is fundamental to complement these natural herpes cure treatments with the right attitude in taking care of your body. You’ll probably make a 360 degree turn from your old life, but start slowly and always change for the better.

  1. Keep stress levels down - stress is the number 1 factor that can trigger a herpes outbreak. Keep stress at bay by taking the time to pause and relax after a busy day.
  2. Avoid prolonged exposure to sun and cold - if you have oral herpes, best is to stay clear from prolonged exposure to the sun and cold. Have a trusted combination of lip products ready, such as a Blistex medical ointment, to ease the tingling sensation felt with an oncoming outbreak.
  3. Get enough sleep - There are so many benefits of getting enough sleep. Our organ systems heal and our brains are able to maintain long-term memory with at least 8 hours of sleep.
  4. Eat healthy, take your vitamins - improve your diet by taking in rich, nutritious food. A daily dose of vitamin C can strengthen your immune system to fight against herpes outbreaks.
  5. Supplement your activities with exercise - it is important to stay active by implementing some cardio exercises in your life. A simple 30 minute brisk walk around the park (or block) every morning can do wonders.

Smoking and alcohol consumption should cease altogether. If you’re really serious about reducing your herpes outbreaks, consider doing an overhaul and reassessment of your lifestyle and adjust your unhealthy habits accordingly.

Final Thoughts on Natural Herpes Cure

Natural Herpes Cure may seem like an easy and affordable approach to naturally cure your herpes outbreaks.

But remember, everyone is different.

You might be allergic to some of the ingredients to these natural herpes cures and may thus be counter-productive. Always consult your healthcare specialist before trying out any alternative medicine options.

Herpes Survival Guide

Now that you have herpes, focusing on the past will only be a waste of time.

Concentrate on the present as well as the future and be good to yourself. Pick a spiritual hobby, write on a journal, or do something productive that can take your stress away from herpes.

You can definitely be happy and healthy after herpes. Check out the Herpes Ultimate Survival Guide, for more updated tips and advice on living with herpes.

Hang in there, okay?

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