How do you have Safe Oral Sex Herpes?

Here's some simple suggestions for safe oral sex herpes.

Lots of people have questions about oral sex and herpes. They wonder:

  • "Can I still have oral sex with a cold sore?"
  • "Can I pass a cold sore to someone's genital area?"
  • "Can I still kiss and get intimate with a cold sore?"

I'll attempt to answer some of these questions about oral sex and herpes. Sharing some of my own experience and things I've researched over the years.

The big thing to realize is that once you or your partner is diagnosed with Herpes, your Herpes Oral Sex life is not over! You're just going to have to make a few simple changes.

Guys love oral sex. Really love oral sex. Most women too. It's a wonderful part of a healthy adventurous sex life.

Simple Suggestions for Safe Oral Sex Herpes

Oral Sex Herpes

1. Understand Herpes is Contagious. Herpes is caused by a virus. Oral Herpes (cold sores) is caused by the HSV-1 virus. Between 50-80% of the North American population has HSV-1 Virus. Genital Herpes is caused by the HSV-2 virus. Up to 25% of the North American population has HSV-2. And in urban areas like Los Angeles where I live, up to 70% have genital herpes.

How did so many people get this virus? Well we get it from other people. Either from kissing, oral sex, or genital sex. Over 75% of people got genital virus from their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife.

Herpes is highly contagious! It can be passed during any outbreak including cold sores or genital blisters. It can also be passed during viral shedding. So any time you are getting intimate there is a chance it can be passed to your partner. You can reduce the chances.

2. Be Honest with Your Partner. You should tell your partner you have HSV-1 or HSV-2. If you're not sure, go get a blood test (HerpeSelect is the test you should ask for). You should be honest before oral sex herpes.

Consider requesting your partner to get tested also. Most people don't know they have any type of herpes virus. When you're both honest you can have Oral Sex and Herpes more relaxed and intimately. Plus your partner will appreciate and love you for your honesty.

One more reason to both get tested: If you both test positive for HSV-1/HSV-2... well that's good news. You can't get double infected. So go hog wild with your sex.

3. Avoid Herpes Oral Sex during Outbreaks. This should be getting pretty obvious now if you've read through my Sex with Herpes guidelines.

So if you have a cold sore on your lips:

  • Don't kiss your partner till it passes.
  • Don't give oral sex to your partner.
  • Take some suppressive medication which will help it pass.
  • Put a condom or dental dam on your partner before oral sex. But just be super careful to avoid contact of your skin to any part of theirs.

So if you or your partner have a genital herpes outbreak:

  • Avoid doing any type of oral sex herpes. Yes, it can be passed from genital to mouth and vice versa (though not common).
  • Wait until the outbreak passes.
  • Consider doubling up on your medication.
  • Use your imagination to try some different sex activities other than skin to skin contact.

4. Practice patience and be careful. This is the big thing when having herpes oral sex. You must not rush things. Be careful and very LOVING with your partner. Talk. Communicate first before all the hormones kick in. That way you can have safe oral sex with herpes.

Other Ways to Have Sex with Herpes During Outbreaks

Your Sex life is not over! You just have to make some simple changes.

Keep that in mind. Yes, you can still have great oral sex herpes. It's fun, it's natural. But if you have to wait because of an outbreak, use your imagination:

  • Use some sex toys (super fun) with your partner.
  • Use your hands to give pleasure to your partner. But if they have a genital herpes outbreak, it might not be comfortable, so talk.
  • Tell dirty stories, be erotic, even give a massage.

Having herpes will teach you that sex is much more than just blow jobs and intercourse. That sensuousness, touch, honesty, care, tenderness, and taking your time is just as important and as wonderful a way to practice sex.

Be creative, and you can still have oral sex with herpes.

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