Male Herpes Symptoms: Do You Have These?


Have some male herpes symptoms?

Most men don't deal well with the reality of male genital herpes!

So they will either deny that they have any herpes symptoms or they will procrastinate going to get TESTED for herpes.

Men can be pretty bad about asking for help and going to the doctor. It's in our nature to try to figure it out ourselves. Not a good idea with herpes.

You'll go crazy trying to figure out if you have herpes by yourself!

How should I know?

Because that's what I did for about a year before going to the doctor about my herpes symptoms.

A good Herpes test answered my questions.

Herpes is contagious. You owe it to yourself and your partner(s) to get tested and tell them the truth if you see that you have herpes symptoms of any kind.

How Did You Get These Symptoms of Male Genital Herpes?

Male Herpes Symptoms

Herpes is quickly transmitted to and from a partner. In fact, the word herpes in Greek means "Creeping", as even the Greeks knew how quickly this virus could be passed.

Many women don't realize they have any symptoms of herpes. It is something like over 50% of women who have female genital herpes aren't aware of any of their female herpes symptoms.

So you could be having sex with a woman who doesn't even know she has herpes. I think this is what happened to me. Because they certainly didn't tell me.

Although you might be using a condom, the herpes virus can be passed through general skin contact in the genital area. It is highly contagious. Even when there are no obvious symptoms, through asymptomatic viral shedding the virus can be passed through the skin.

That's why a good blood test is essential for you and your partner. You might have herpes, they might have herpes. You don't know unless you get tested.

It only costs about $90 for a blood test for Herpes.

First Signs of Male Herpes Symptoms

The first signs of male genital herpes will occur within 2-20 days of getting the herpes virus from your sexual partner. Yes, you will see herpes male symptoms that quickly.

The first genital herpes symptoms will be generalized, in other words, you will feel them through large parts of your body as the virus attacks many of your cells. This first outbreak of male genital herpes is called the Primary Outbreak.

Here's some symptoms of male genital herpes you'll likely experience during the primary outbreak:

  • Flu or fever (very vommon)
  • High temperatures
  • Decreased appetite
  • Muscle aches (especially in legs, groin, or lower back)
  • Swollen lymph glands
  • Swelling of the penis

So during these first signs of male herpes symptoms it will feel like your whole body is sick. It sucks. For me, I felt like I had the flu!

Male Herpes Symptoms and Lesions during Primary Outbreak

Male Herpes Symptoms

(Picture of male genital herpes on penis)

After feeling flu, fever, or muscle aches, you'll start to feel an intense itching under the skin. This is the virus moving to the surface of your skin.

The next herpes hale symptom you'll experience is small little blisters appearing on the skin surface. They will appear in clusters, many of them together.

The blisters will be filled with liquid. During your primary outbreak you might get many of them all over your penis, groin area, buttocks, or inner thighs.

This primary outbreak of male genital herpes can last from a few days but more likely the Genital Male Herpes Symptoms will be around for between 5-20 days. It could be around longer.

Again during a primary outbreak all the male herpes symptoms will be VERY INTENSE. You'll feel miserable in this time.

It is very important that you get a blood test for herpes if you have any of these symptoms.

More importantly, you must hold off sleeping with your partner during this time. You are HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS during any male herpes symptoms so you should be honest and truthful with your partner

Recurring Male Herpes Symptoms (What To Expect)

After the primary outbreak subsides, then you'll get recurring herpes symptoms in men.

The most common genital male herpes symptom is getting outbreaks of lesions or blisters.

The first few years of having male genital herpes you might get outbreaks fairly often depending on many factors. I did.

If you're lifestyle is unhealthy, you can get many outbreaks.

If you strengthen your immune system, and take care of your health, you'll get a lot less outbreaks or genital herpes symptoms.

And going on herpes medication such as Acyclovir and Valtrex will both treat and suppress the virus. It's kind of a must to take these medications if you are sexually active and your partner does not have the herpes virus.

What Should You Do Next?

Well if you've read through this page and you think you (or your partner) have these signs and symptoms of male herpes...

Then I recommend the following steps:

1. Go get tested. You have some options here. If you have an active outbreak you can go for a culture test at your doctors. Or you can go to a testing lab like STDcheck and get it  done confidentially on your own. If you do that, you can also ask your doctor for Herpes Medications.

2. Tell your partner. I have written on my website how to tell someone you have Herpes. It's a good idea to tell your partner about your condition.

3. Keep Dating. Your love life is not over. You'll just have to make a few minor changes in the way you date. Consider using a Herpes Dating Site. That way your partners will totally understand.

4. Use some Herpes Products. There are many different herpes products that you can use to alleviate your herpes symptoms. Try some of these to find out what works best for you.

5. Educate yourself. I just wrote a course on how to get healthy and happy, and deal with your outbreaks called The Herpes Survival Guide. It's filled with many, many strategies and tips for living your life with this virus. 

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