Male Genital Herpes: Facts and Figures

Warning: Graphic Picture of the Male Genital Herpes Infection Below

Male Genital Herpes is one of the trickiest sexually transmitted diseases that you could ever get.

Most men might be carrying the virus already but are unaware of it because they are asymptomatic (meaning, they do not manifest the signs and symptoms of the infection). 

What happens with some of us is that, when we spot a rash or sore around the genital area, we tend to dismiss it as a "Jock Itch” or some other infection. 

We like to treat the sores ourselves by taking hot baths or over-the-counter topical medicine.

We go crazy trying to sort it out ourselves when all we really need to do is see a doctor and get tested. It's the only way to know for sure if it is male genital herpes or not. So take it from me and go get tested!

In the meantime, here is some information that you should know...

Things You Should Know

Male Genital Herpes Infection

(Photo of Male Genital Herpes infection)

What It Is

Male genital herpes occurs as an infection of the male genital area; the Type 2 Herpes Simplex Virus causes it, although there are some reports that have stated that there is a small percentage of genital herpes that is caused by the Type 1 virus.

How You Got It

Male herpes is one of the sneakiest sexually transmitted diseases out there, and yes: it can pass on from person to person through unsafe sex practices, having multiple sexual partners, and even through a direct contact with a sore.

But before you curse your partner until kingdom come, you should know that there is at least 50% of people who are not even aware that they indeed have the infection.

So for all you know, you could have been having sex with someone who was infected, and they are not even aware of even having the infection themselves.

Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

If you are not sure whether you have the infection, and it is your first time to even experience any of the symptoms, it will take you a while after initial contact. The following symptoms would occur about two to twenty days after getting the virus:

  • Fever 
  • Decreased appetite
  • Swelling of genitals
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Muscle aches
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Itching around genital area
  • Appearance of sores

How Often Do Outbreaks Occur

Depending on your lifestyle, the number of outbreaks you will experience after your initial or primary herpes outbreak may be variable. If you live healthily you will at most get about two to three outbreaks per year. Which suffice to say, the more you deviate from healthy living, the more male genital herpes outbreak you get. The outbreak may stay dormant for a few years before manifesting itself, once a month, or once a year.

Scarring Issues

Although the blisters formed by the infection will eventually erupt and scab, you need not fear of any scarring issues. In fact, the blisters will heal on its own without leaving any scars on your genital area. This of course, is only possible if you don’t pick on your blisters. In cases wherein you have an outbreak and you pick on the sores, there is a very high possibility for the blisters to leave scars after they heal.

How Common the Infection Is

Male genital herpes is a fairly common infection to get nowadays, with about 20% of the total male population having been infected, which is about one in every five men testing positive for the infection!

How To Prevent the Infection

If you already have been infected, then the only way you can do next is to try to prevent any reinfections from happening by living a healthy life. If however, you are not yet infected with the virus, you can decrease the chances of getting it by practicing safe sex.

The Cure

There is currently no cure to male genital herpes available today. However, there are a few treatments recommended to lower the severity of a herpes outbreak, as well as lessen the duration of the infection.

What To Do About Male Genital Herpes

herpes in men

Get Tested

If you are still unsure of whether you actually contracted male genital herpes or not, it is wise if you get yourself tested by your physician or a laboratory.

For all of the symptoms that you could get, the only way you could be sure if you have the infection is to get tested.

It is best to get answers as soon as possible to avoid having to suffer the pain and discomfort that comes with experiencing outbreaks.

Talk To Someone

It could be your partner, a close friend, a family member, or a support group. Talking to someone will surely be able to help you deal with this phase of your life, and support you through this trying time.

Keep on Dating

Even though you feel as though having herpes is a certain deal breaker on any future relationships you might have, it is not true.

A lot of people who have contracted the infection are in fact, still actively dating and are able to resume their day-to-day lives without much hindrance. The key to this is to make a few minor changes in how you approach dating.

You might also want to consider a herpes dating site, where you could be sure that your partner will be able to understand what you’re going through.

Read More About Your Situation

Keeping yourself educated about your situation will help you on how to manage and deal with the infection. It will also aid you to be updated on the various current, available and future medical breakthroughs.

In Conclusion..

If you think that you (or your partner) may have male genital herpes, then consider the following steps:

  1. Go get tested. It is important to get the right Herpes test for you. So if you have an active outbreak, you can get a culture swab at your doctors, or you can go to a testing lab like STDcheck and get it done confidentially on your own.
  2. Use some herpes products. Fortunately, there are many different herpes products that you can use to alleviate your herpes symptoms, try some out to find what works best for you.
  3. Tell your partner. There's a wonderful article on how to tell someone you have Herpes. It's a good idea to be honest by telling your partner upfront about your condition before getting intimate with them.

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