These Genital Herpes Treatments Equal Relief!

If you have a genital herpes outbreak, then you should use genital herpes treatments right away.

Why? Getting an outbreak in your genital area is awkward, sometimes painful, embarrassing, and shocking.

Genital herpes is also known as HSV-2. And up to 20% of the modern world have it. And much higher percentages in large cities such as Los Angeles.

When I had my first herpes outbreak 18 years ago, there were not many treatment options. But the good news is.. there's lots of genital herpes treatment options these days!

The Good News About Genital Herpes Treatments

These treatment options work! But you will have to try them out to see which work for you because what works for one person may not work for someone else.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, do not take this as medical advice. I am just listing some herpes treatment options that have worked for many in the herpes community. You should speak to a doctor before taking any medical actions.

What Should You Use For Genital Herpes Treatments?

Genital Herpes Treatment

Herpes Medications

By far, the most effective treatment for genital herpes is medication. You can get the proper medication advice from your doctor. Your doctor will probably not prescribe any other treatments for your genital herpes. These herpes medications have been proven to work for over 20 years. Here are the three big medications you can use:

Personally, when I have an outbreak, I use Acyclovir. I find it cheap, effective, and readily available. I haven't had an outbreak for a while. But another option I would consider using is brand name or generic Valtrex. This is very powerful form of acyclovir.

Of course you can get these drugs at your local pharmacy.


Lysine is an amino acid that stops the herpes virus from "waking up". It seems to work for me because I have not had a herpes outbreak in over a year.

Herbs and Supplements

There's A LOT of herbs and supplements that have been proven to work for genital herpes treatments. In fact, it can get down right confusing trying to make sense of it all on the Internet.

That's why it's a good idea to take a proven herpes formula of supplements that work for suppressing the virus.

Herbs and supplements may work for some people and not for others. So it is best to try a good herpes supplement for about three to six months to see the results.

A good formula will boost your immune system by having lots of proven herpes suppressants. You will save a lot of money by doing this instead of trying to buy all the herbs and supplements by yourself.

Aloe Vera Gel

I love Aloe Vera!!! For many many reasons. I drink the juice daily especially in the United States. It does a lot of great things for your health..

But how it helps in genital herpes treatment is you can put the gel on your outbreaks directly. It will help cool the pain, reduce the itching, and speed up the healing. It is wonderful stuff.

Getting Healthy

I think this is the best thing you can do to reduce genital herpes outbreaks.

Start to get healthy in all aspects of your life. Reduce drinking, stop smoking, eat fruits/vegetables, take supplements, relax, and get exercise.

This will do wonders for reducing your outbreaks. One of the primary causes of outbreaks is stress and poor health.

Just Waiting...

You can also take this option. Just wait. Your outbreaks will go away in 10-14 days. But this can be frustrating, and unless you are doing something to prevent the outbreaks, they will come back sooner than you think.

Myself, I prefer to be proactive and take charge of my health. Taking Valtrex is a time tested way to suppress the virus and reduce time of outbreaks.

So no mater what your choice, there's lots of treatment options for you if you have genital herpes.

You don't have to suffer.

You can keep that virus away so you can live out your life.

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