Herpes Symptoms in Men: What to Look For


Here’s a listing of the most common herpes symptoms in men. You might be quite concerned if you've got some of these male herpes symptoms.

Well you’re doing the right thing looking this up. Many men and their partners are very much in denial about facing the possibility that they might have herpes symptoms.

You’re not alone. First thing you have to understand is that the Herpes virus is very very common. Even the ancient Greeks knew about how often the herpes virus got around.

It is estimated that 56% of the male adult population have Oral Herpes (cold sores) otherwise known as HSV-1. However many of these men don’t even know they have Herpes or have very few herpes symptoms such as herpes sores or blisters. Typically these will occur around the lips but can occur in the nose, the mouth, cheeks, or even the eye!

It is estimated that about 20% of the U.S male adult population have genital herpes otherwise known as HSV-2. Again, many of these guys don’t know they have it or aren't experiencing outbreaks. Or they are just living in denial that they have something strange occurring “down there”. Typically these outbreaks will occur around the genital area.

You might have noticed some symptoms of herpes in yourself or your male partner. Or you might not have because often there are no visible symptoms at all of the virus.

Patterns of Oubreaks of Herpes Symptoms in Men

Many men don’t have any outbreaks at all. Or barely noticeable symptoms. The herpes virus affects most people quite differently.

Many herpes outbreaks will go through different stages of herpesYour herpes outbreaks can also go through a primary outbreak, then a secondary or local outbreak. My webpage early symptoms of herpes explains these two stages of herpes symptoms in men that you could be experiencing.

primary outbreak is the first outbreak of herpes and usually occurs within 3-10 days of exposure to the virus. These male herpes symptoms are more severe and can last for weeks until the body develops some basic antibodies.

Local or recurrent outbreaks will then persist in one form or another for the rest of your life. They are less severe. Usually I only have one or two a year.

Here’s Some Male Herpes Symptoms To Look For

Herpes Symptoms in Men

(Picture of Herpes Symptoms in Men: Herpes Blisters on Penis)

1. Herpes lesions/sores/blisters. Sixty-three (63%) of men get this. Herpes sores are the #1 indicator of male herpes symptoms. For oral herpes these can occur on your lips, cheeks, mouth, nose, or inside mouth. Though usually on the lips. For genital herpes these occur on or around the penis, inner legs, and even on buttocks. Usually these outbreaks start with itchiness, get painful, then turn into blisters. Here’s some good pictures of what herpes looks like.

Listen, if you see these kinds of sores you need to go and get tested! Quit having sex and see a doctor. There’s many testing options that you can use.

2. Fever, malaise, headache, flu. Thirty-nine (39%) of men get this in primary outbreaks. For me, I got flu-like symptoms during my primary outbreak. These herpes symptoms are not so common in recurrent outbreaks.

3. Painful urination or penile discharge. These symptoms occur in up to 44% of men during the primary outbreak. The reason for this is you could be getting an outbreak in the urethral tract. Yes! You can even get herpes inside the penis! However this symptom occurs less than 10% of the time in recurrent outbreaks.

4. Swollen lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small glands that are located under the jaw, in the neck, the underarms, and in the groin. During a herpes outbreak, these areas can get swollen and sensitive. This is a very common herpes symptom in men and occurs in 80% of primary outbreaks and 25% of recurrent outbreaks.

5. Itchy areas. Itchiness and skin irritation is a big sign that you have male herpes symptoms. It really occurs during recurrent outbreaks (85% of the time). It pretty much always occurs before I break out in herpes blisters. My skin gets really itchy and irritated either around the lips or in the groin area.

6. Other symptoms. Here’s a list of some other symptoms:

  • skin cracks/fissures
  • areas that look like skin is rubbed off
  • small white dots (looks like pimples)
  • pain down the legs

So What Should You Do If You Have Herpes Symptoms in Men?

Take control of your health and take some action. Get a herpes test if you suspect you have these herpes symptoms.

Well it’s quite a serious issue if you are experiencing these herpes symptoms in men.

Why? Well because this virus does not go away. You will have it and it will affect your health (though in minor ways) for the rest of your life.

Here's some steps on how to deal with it:

  1. You might be seriously irritated by the outbreaks. In that case, using some different herpes products can make your life much easier.
  2. More importantly, the herpes virus is the gift that keeps giving! In other words, you have a really good chance of giving to your sexual partners. So telling your partner is a good first step.
  3. But the number one thing you need to do if you have these male herpes symptoms or have noticed them in your partner is to go get both of you tested for herpes.
  4. Another good thing to do if you get a herpes diagnosis after testing is to join a support group. There’s many great support groups both online and in person that will answer your questions.

It’s not the end of the world or your health if you have these symptoms, the important thing is to take a deep breath then take some action.

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