How has happy-with-herpes.com helped you?

"First I would like to say, I have NEVER found a website like this one that has actually made me feel not alone in having an STD. So thank you for that."

                                                                                                    - Elena, 'Everything Will Be Okay'

"After reading many stories from this website, it made me see a new light. Herpes isn't what it is all hyped up to be. All the negativity that comes along with it makes it worse than the reality of it. Thanks everyone for the write ups I think it will help everyone understand and deal with the herpes virus! It definitely has helped me!"

- Juliette (Canada)

"I'm still in the healing process but I'm a lot better than I was before.  For months, I would cry myself to sleep.  But I'd like to think that because of this, I'm a stronger person.  I'm more understanding, compassionate, and full of conviction.  This site helps me a lot and I know it'll help others too."

                                                                                                                  - Chiara (United States)

"I can say the next couple of days after the news I have never been so depressed in my life. I felt dirty, shocked, like a failure.  I couldn't eat nor sleep. I wished so bad that this was all a bad dream. The best thing is that I found this website, reading the stories made me feel so much better, before I would have never posted something like this.  I can honestly say this experience so far has changed my whole perspective on life. I think it has brought me and my wife closer together, and the things I thought were a big deal before now don’t seem important anymore."   

                                                                                                                                         - David

"Friday is a big day for me but with the support of my loving family and boyfriend and this amazing website, I know I've got this! God's got my back no matter the results. Finding this page sure has been a blessing, I will fall asleep with a smile on my face tonight because I deserve to!"

                                                                        - Anonymous, 'Dealing With Herpes Through God

"Hello, first I would like to say, I am happy that I found this website. I just found out two days ago that I have herpes.  It's so shocking to me. I am 36 years old and never had any STDs.  When the doctor told me, I almost fainted. I never had an outbreak or noticed anything different.  It's hard for me to cope knowing this diagnosis, I don't want to tell anyone because I'm ashamed. Finding this site helps me to realize that I am not alone. Thank you."    

                                                                                                                                -Sharon (USA)

"I came upon this site this morning and it gave me so much unbelievable hope. Everyone's success stories are so amazing. I do hope that someday this STI isn't so banned from conversation. Maybe then, will people think to test for it more often."

                                                           - Hanna, 'Hope Takes Us to Places We've Never Seen Before'

"I want to say thank you to Gary. I found this website on Google while I was looking for pictures of genital herpes on a male. I am still extremely worried that my beautiful baby boy has it. This website has truly opened my eyes and has thoroughly explained the virus. Thank you Gary!"

                                                                                 - Brittany, 'Living My Life with Genital Herpes'

"Basically I just wanted to thank you for your website because it has truly gave me light and hope. I look in the mirror everyday and tell myself I am the same beautiful girl I have always been, I just have to make changes to my sex life. "

                                                                                            - E, 'You Can Be Healthy With Herpes

"After being diagnosed, I started to research for herpes websites and online support groups to educate myself. I am very happy to have found this website! Thank you Gary! I feel much better about myself and have so much to live for! This virus will not define me and life does go on!"

                                                                                                - Amy, 'Starting to Love Life Again