You Can Be Healthy With Herpes

by E

Your website is amazing. I was diagnosed with herpes about a month ago and was absolutely shocked; wondering how could this happen to me?

The first couple of days were really hard. I have always attracted men and have expressed my sexuality, after getting a diagnosis like that I wondered how I would ever be the same again.

After days of thinking and retracing my steps I realized that my first real boyfriend ever was the one to have probably given me this disease. He still continues to have a sex life and stay dishonest with his sex partners.

I can only pray that he sees the light at the end of the tunnel like I have. For months he tried to blame me, and I have had weird things and bumps come up down there way before I was ever sexual with anyone else. So I know the truth and he knows the truth, he is just in denial.

I have met a wonderful guy in my life who accepts my condition, and unfortunately because I did not know and my outbreaks were very abnormal and very few. I have only had three in the past two years and I wasn't even 100 % positive that they were herpes outbreaks and we had unprotected sex. He told me about a week and a half ago that he had something come up on the head of his penis and he was sick with a cold for a few days.

There is a huge possibility that I gave it to him. The beautiful thing about it though is that he accepted me, he wasn't angry with me. He knew it wasn't my fault.

Of course I wish I would have been more careful or would have known or realized that what I had was herpes. I just didn't. I wasn't in denial because
I didn't know. I just wanted to find love not the possessiveness and lies of my last relationship.

Basically I just wanted to thank you for your website because it has truly gave me light and hope. I look in the mirror everyday and tell myself I am the same beautiful girl I have always been, I just have to make changes to my sex life.

I have to be honest. I will never have sex with someone without telling them, ever. Thank you Gary so much for your positive light and I understand that I am a normal person like everyone else.

Everybody has something wrong with them. Everyone has problems. Having herpes is mine. But the good thing is that I exercise, do yoga, meditate, and eat healthy every day. I stress as little as possible, and guess what? No breakouts! :) You are right when you say herpes is all in the mind, because it is. You are so wise and wonderful. I thought of a quote the other day and I thought I would share it to you, "I have not only just seen the light at the end of the tunnel, it keeps shining for me."

E, from North Carolina


Dear E,

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughtful experience. Unfortunately, I was that kind of guy at one point. Until I began reading about this little virus, and learning how it is contagious, so we should tell our partners.

You show so much courage and responsibility in the way you're dealing with this. It is very inspirational so I'm sharing your story with others on my website. Hopefully some other women can find some hope, strength, and courage from your story.

You really demonstrate how to accept yourself even after possibly passing it on to a partner.

The light does shine bright.

God Bless.



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May 24, 2013
Happy to hear!!
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with HSV1 about a week ago. I have been extremely depressed and not myself at all. The guy I was talking to back in March lied to me or didn't know. As soon as I found out, I told my current boyfriend. He has been extremely accepting and looks at me no differently. I'm not happy with myself yet, but having him here for me is the best thing in the world. I'm going to get on Valtrex and hopefully not give the virus to him. He's an amazing guy, and we're both only 21!! I'm hoping this relationship lasts for a long time, and I hope having this doesn't change how he sees me over time. I still am in shock this happened, but things could be worse. It really is just a skin condition caused by a virus. Time to start going back to myself!!

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