Genital Herpes Medications are Very Useful
(That's Proven)

So you've been diagnosed with genital herpes? With genital herpes medications you can make that virus practically go away!

I know that sounds crazy. You might be really suffering right now.

During your primary outbreak, all the symptoms of herpes are the worst: flu, fevers, many outbreaks, and maybe even some pain! And certainly lots of discomfort.

When I think back to my first two outbreaks, I thought I was going to die. And dealing with the whole "social stigma" of genital herpes made it worse. I thought I'd never date or have sex again!

Luckily, I was wrong. Using herpes medications brought my outbreaks under control. And then I learned that by using them, I could even have sex with a non herpes positive partner with low chance of transmission.

That's the wonders of modern medicine.

IMPORTANT: I am not a doctor. These guidelines are from personal experience, learning from herpes social support groups, conversations with my herpes friends, and lots and lots of research on the Internet and in books.

So the big thing is this: if you think you have genital herpes, visit a doctor and request a herpes test. And let your doctor make the prescription for you!

Just be sure to see a doctor knowledgeable on genital herpes. Many are not. So reading this website and others will help you go into the doctors a lot more knowledgeable.

Three Ways of Using Genital Herpes Medications

Genital Herpes Medication

Here's the three ways of using genital herpes medications:

1. First Episode or Primary Outbreak

Your first outbreak of genital herpes is the WORST! Taking these herpes medications during this phase is very important!!! 

Lots of studies have been done proving that taking strong doses of herpes medications in this phase can:

  • heal your herpes sores faster
  • lessen fever/flu symptoms
  • reduce shedding
  • reduce severity of future outbreaks (very important!)

Usually you would take strong doses of genital herpes medications for 7-10 days during this first episode or primary outbreak.

2. Episodic Therapy

Many people just take herpes medicines right before or during outbreaks. Usually people take the medication on the first sign of an outbreak (for me that is an "itching/tingling" in the genital area). The benefits of this include:

  • shortens duration of the herpes outbreak
  • reduces the severity of outbreak (really important the first two years of having genital herpes)
  • keeps the virus from reproducing in the body

3. Suppressive Therapy

I do this kind of therapy when sexually active with a partner. Basically you take genital herpes medications every day to keep the virus suppressed. Very useful if you either have many, many outbreaks all the time or you have a sexual partner who does not have the virus. Doing suppressive therapy like this reduces asymptomatic shedding of the virus.

The results (research-backed) of people who take herpes medications this way are uplifting and comforting:

  • twenty percent (20%) had NO OUTBREAKS in a year
  • most reduced outbreaks to only one or two a year
  • severity of outbreaks were much less
  • chances of passing the virus to a partner (assuming no sex during outbreaks and using a condom) reduced to less than five percent (5%)

What Kind of Medication Should You Use?

There's three main brands of genital herpes medications (they are actually all variants of Acyclovir):

1. Acyclovir

Been around since the 1980's. Works by adding an enzyme to the body that prevents the virus from replicating. You will have to take more pills of the medication than the others (Famvir, Valtrex). But by far the cheapest. This is the one I take. I can get it for like $10 from my pharmacy.

2. Famvir

This a variation of Acyclovir. Very strong version actually. This is the strongest medication of the three so you will take less pills. But very expensive.

3. Valtrex

This works by going into the bloodstream then releasing. Basically it is like taking Acyclovir intravenously. Valtrex is also very strong so you will take less pills. But very expensive, too. Doctors are prescribing this a lot nowadays. It works great supposedly.

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