Got a Pesky Cold Sore?
Try using these Cold Sore Medications

Cold sore medications are easily available and can both treat a cold sore and prevent them from occurring again.

That's the good news. Because getting a cold sore on your lips can really, really suck!!!

Especially if you have a big date. Or a job interview. Or a big show. Or a picture like a school yearbook.

Cold sores can be very embarrassing. And they seem to appear at the worst times!

But if you use a cold sore medication you can make that cold sore go away fast! And prevent from coming back.

A cold sore IS herpes! It is HSV-1 (oral herpes). You can learn about the herpes in mouth symptoms on my other page. So REMEMBER... it is contagious. Don't be putting your mouth on anyone while you have an outbreak! Especially on their genitals!

If you are having an outbreak, then using a suppressive medication like Valtrex can stop the virus from replicating so your body can heal much faster. You can supress the virus by taking regular Valtrex medication which you can learn about from your doctor.

Which Kinds of Cold Sore Medications Should I Use?

cold sore medication

Well there's three main types of cold sore medications. You can also use a therapy such as lysine. But cold medications are proven to work. Your choice. Get a prescription from your doctor and try some of these out to see what works best for you.

  • Acyclovir
    Acyclovir is my choice of medication. In fact, I just had a cold sore last week. Strange, because I never get cold sores. But I have been stressed, with not enough sleep, and it caught up with me. So I've been taking Acyclovir all week. It's cheap and effective. Acyclovir works by adding an enzyme to your body that prevents the herpes virus from replicating. It has been around since the 1980's and millions of people around the world have used Acyclovir safely and effectively. The cool thing about this cold sore medication is that you can get it for like $10 at a pharmacy for a huge bottle.
  • Valtrex
    Taking Valtrex medication is a very powerful way to treat cold sores. It is actually a highly concentrated form of Acyclovir. It works by releasing the medication in the blood stream rather than getting absorbed through the stomach lining. You will take less Valtrex than Acyclovir. The only problem with Valtrex is that it is expensive. Up to $150 a month. If you don't see any results with Acyclovir, then Valtrex is worth checking out.
  • Famvir
    This is a super concentrated form of Acyclovir. Like Valtrex, it is also a powerful concentrated form of cold sore medication. Again, you will take a lot less of this than Acyclovir. But like Valtrex, it is also very expensive.

As you can see, all of these cold sore medications are really just Acyclovir or variations of. That's why I like to just take Acyclovir, mainly because of the price.

When Should You Take Cold Sore Medications?

Well there's three main times to take cold sore medications:

  1. Primary Outbreak. If this is the first time you have ever gotten a cold sore then take your medication for 7-10 days straight. This will really knock it down.
  2. Episodic Therapy. This type of therapy means using a cold sore medication as you get a cold sore outbreak. Best is to take the cold sore medication before and during your cold sore outbreak. This happened to me last week. I rarely get cold sores since I do so much to boost my immune system. But due to some stress and WAY TOO MUCH coffee, I got some three cold sores. I felt a strange tingling on my lips. So I began to take Acyclovir 200mg five times a day. The cold sores still appeared on my lips but were only active for like a day. Within a week, they have completely healed.
  3. Suppressive Therapy. This type of therapy is used a lot more for genital herpes medication. The idea is to take a medication listed above on a daily basis to prevent a herpes outbreak. So if you are getting cold sores on a daily basis, then you might want to take your cold sore medicine on a daily basis. I do herpes suppressive therapy when I am actively dating a non-positive partner. You should too, if you are ever in the same situation. Ask your doctor for the dosage. This will significantly reduce the severity AND rate of cold sore outbreaks.

What Should I Do Next About My Pesky Cold Sore?

Well the good news is that if you take cold sore medications then you can get your cold sores under control. Yeah! Especially taking cheap suppressive medication, then you can reduce your outbreaks to like 1 or 2 a year or NONE AT ALL. So if you are getting cold sores then:

Start taking a Herpes medication such as Valtrex. You can buy it at generic pharmacies. But speak to your doctor first.

Herpes Medication

Start taking Herpes Medication

Taking herpes medication such as Acyclovir, Valtrex, or Famvir is the fastest and most proven way to treat your cold sores. 

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