A Holistic Guide to Living, Dating,
and Loving with Genital Herpes (or Cold Sores)

Getting diagnosed with Genital Herpes (or Oral Herpes) can be the worst moment of your life.

You can feel dirty, scared, unwanted, terrified, embarrassed and very lonely. You'll be very angry at the person that gave it to you.

Hang in there. There is good news. Most people learn to live with this virus. 

Let's face it: Herpes is just a simple skin condition that is not life threatening. You can still have sex. You can still kiss. You won't even see outbreaks much after you take care of your health with some simple health conditions.

You can find forgiveness, love, happiness, and have great sex again. That's what you'll learn on this site.

Happy-with-Herpes.com is unique as it's written by a real person.

I'm going to share some good research and good tips on how to live with simple little virus.

How to Use This Site

You'll find lots of very useful information on this website about living with herpes including:

For those who want a lot of help fast and all in one place, and who may want to share information with a partner at any time, we recommend the book The Herpes Survival Guide: How to Live Happy and Healthy after Herpes

My Herpes Story

Hi, my name is Gary. I'm a real person with Genital Herpes (for 18 years!) and Oral Herpes (HSV-1).

I'm not alone. According to the CDC, one in six adults in the U.S has HSV-2. That's over 45 million adults!!!

Tired of being depressed and lonely this, I began learning everything I could about the causes of the herpes virus. I learned that Herpes (especially Genital Herpes) is not such a big deal as we make it out to be. I got super healthy (just two outbreaks in the last two years).

And I began dating, having wonderful relationships, and even having great sex after (I even told them I had herpes).

Along the way, I learned lots of tips, secrets, guidelines, and simple practices that will help you through this difficult time in your life so you can live healthily AND love other people again.

Living with Genital Herpes...(You can do it)

You can heal from Herpes.

Doctors can't help you with the emotional trauma of getting herpes.

But, the good news is, like your herpes outbreaks, those things will pass. You will begin healing. Your body will heal. Your emotions will heal. And your spirit will grow and learn from this experience.

So take a deep breath. And realize taking little steps every day will help you recover and heal from this experience. And I promise, you will find happiness again.

To Your Love and Happiness,

Gary Samuels