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by Dillon

I have recently been diagnosed with oral HSV2. If I totally avoid kissing and any facial contact with my girlfriend during sex, is it possible to transmit the virus to her through intercourse? Can the virus be transmitted by swallowing the ejaculate of a man who has oral HSV2?


Dear Dillon,

The herpes virus replicates and produces outbreaks at the initial site of infection. So in your case, there is no risk of transmitting it to your partner during genital sex, especially if you avoid kissing and facial contact.

It’s really up to the discretion of you and your partner to decide the level of risk you are comfortable with. Protection is always better than none at all though. Just remember to be honest with them from the start, especially when you see being intimate with this person is on the horizon. If you feel the symptoms of prodrome, or the warning signs of an oncoming outbreak, then best is to practice safe sex. Warning signs can be anything from itching to tingling sensation of the mouth or lip area, in your case.

Our pages on Oral Sex Herpes and Genital Herpes Sex has tons of tips and advice which you might find useful!

Consider doubling up your antiviral herpes medication and religiously taking them. That way, the virus is suppressed and outbreaks are reduced. There is still a wonderful sex life after herpes. If anything, herpes can teach us to value intimacy and honesty in a relationship, leading the way to a more fulfilling sex life.

Hope this helps!



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