HSV-2 Oral Transmission

by Bill

If I have HSV-2, can I transmit it by giving oral sex to my female partner? Never had any oral outbreaks.

Thank you,


Dear Bill,

You cannot transmit it to your partner through oral sex.

It is rare for someone to get HSV-2 around the mouth area, but it has been known to happen from oral sex.

For you however, the odds are that the HSV-2 is confined to the genital area as for most people.

Consider yourself fortunate. Many people have terrible outbreaks with the virus, especially the first few years.

However, if you’re partner performs oral sex on you, it is quite possible for her to contract the virus because it can “shed” even without the visible signs of an outbreak. Consider doubling up your medication in this case.

There’s no reason why you both shouldn't enjoy oral sex herpes. You just have to take some extra precautionary measures.

Get creative, use your imagination, use your hands and fingers, or even toys to amplify satisfaction in bed. Our article on oral sex herpes has tons of tips and advice which you may find useful to your situation. Do check it out.

It’s still best to go see your doctor to get professional medical advice for your condition. You will learn to live it, but DO NOT let it control you, you control it. The best thing to do it schedule an appointment with your doctor, make a list of everything you want to know about G.H. and ask.

Do not ever be embarrassed to ask questions. Maybe some other people on this forum can answer some questions about HSV-2 and oral transmission.



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