How I DON'T Get Outbreaks

by Healthy and Positive

I drink a lot of water, eat my veggies and do my best to stay away from sugar and get rest. But, I like to have fun too and don't want to feel deprived ;)

I take 3,000 mg of Lysine every day. This is an amino acid that hinders the outbreaks. If my parts feel tingly, itchy or different in any way- i have a spray bottle containing hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil that I spray after peeing. I don't have out breaks.

I can't claim that my herpes is gone, but it gives me peace of mind, knowing that I’m taking care of my body the best way I can.

My boyfriend - who doesn't have it :) , does the same thing.... as preventative precaution and its working great for him and for both of us. I know we can get through this.

Thought I’d pass it on :)


Dear Healthy and Positive,

Thank you for sharing your optimistic spirit and advice on how to stay outbreak-free.

Lysine is indeed an essential amino acid that comes in handy to lessen the frequency of outbreaks caused by the herpes simplex virus.

Since lysine isn’t naturally produced by the body and only acquired by eating certain foods like vegetables and fish, it is important to double up this supplement on a regular basis.

Have a look at our pages lysine for herpes and lysine supplements. There you will find more information about the supplement as well as tips on how to avoid side effects.

God bless.



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