Herpies Dating: The Way It Should Be

Wondered about herpies dating? Worried about it?

You'll be surprised that this term is nothing new and people do it every day, every night.

So you have found out that you have herpies. It’s not the end of your social life.

In fact, millions of American men and women are affected with genital herpies so you should not worry about being “alone”. 

What you are probably worried about is how your date would go. Well, just like a normal date should.

Herpes dating should not be so different from when you still didn’t have it.

But herpes is still something no one would want to get so there are important things to consider before dating with herpies...

Advice for Herpies Dating

Herpies Dating

Accept yourself. You will never be truly happy in herpes dating unless you have accepted what has happened to you. Genital herpes is something that does not go away. We can help treat the symptoms, but the disease is still there, so the earlier you accept the fact that you have it, the easier it would be for you and for any future relationships.

Stay positive. As what is repeatedly mentioned, acquiring herpes is not the end of your dating life, let alone your social life. There are herpes social groups, online forums and herpies dating sites that help individuals with herpes. Finding a romantic partner, building a new relationship, and being in love are all still within your reach. Stay on the right track and you will eventually get there.

Be honest. For people who are already in a relationship, honesty is a very crucial factor in making things work. It is totally understandable to be scared. Who wouldn’t be, right? The thought of losing your loved one is painful enough. But if you want a true lasting relationship, you should build it on trust and honesty. Tell your partner you have herpies.

Prevent transmission. Just like any other dates, herpes dating can also lead to sex. The first thing you should remember is to prevent the transmission of the virus. If you are experiencing an outbreak, don’t have sex. Perhaps a romantic conversation is more suited. You can also prevent transmission by taking herpes medications. Stay healthy and boost your immune system to prevent recurring outbreaks.

Stay happy. No one else is going to do it for you. Acquiring herpes is just another chapter in your life. Learn how to acknowledge your mistakes and move on. Love yourself even more. There are more good things in life for you to discover and experience and herpies has no place to take that away from you.

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