Can You Please Provide a Photo of Genital Herpes as a Single Solitary 'infected pimple' That Looks Like an Ingrown Hair?

by Anonymous

When I had sex with my boyfriend I noticed a single red bump with a pus looking centre on his pubic line. It looked like an infected ingrown hair. The next day, I experienced burning and stinging and itching in my genital area and have since been diagnosed with Herpes.

There is no other person I could have caught it from but he is strongly denying it and says what he had was an ingrown hair only. He also said he has since had a blood test for Herpes that came back negative. Is this possible?


Dear Anonymous,

How long ago was his herpes blood test?

Sometimes it takes a while for our immune system to understand how to deal with the virus and produce antibodies against it. Testing prematurely can result to false negative blood tests. If he has been your only sexual partner lately and knowing you had the symptoms the very next day, then it is highly likely that you've acquired the virus from him.

Some people are lucky enough not to experience outbreaks at all. They still have the virus remaining dormant inside their body, however, just waiting for the right time to strike (i.e triggered by stress, etc). But that does not mean they are not contagious!

I recommend convincing him to take a more recent herpes test. This is because it takes around 2-3 weeks (longer for some people) for the body to produce antibodies against the herpes virus.

Here are two pictures of a single solitary genital herpes sore that looks like a pimple or ingrown hair: Male and Female

Hope this helps!



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