Youth and Herpes

by crazycell

I was diagnosed a month ago at age 19. I had three days left in my hometown before I packed up for college. My first day moving in was nerve racking so I thought it was just my body reacting to stress. I went to the doctor right after I put my stuff away and told her my symptoms. The worst pain ever. The hardest part was being 10 hours from my nearest relative or friend in a brand new place I had never been before. My doctor said that it was going to be challenging for someone my age to live with. I was suicidal and hardly every wanted to get out of bed. I was taking my medication at the sign of a break out so that I was not on it 24/7. My Genital Herpes cleared up within a week.

In the mean time I met a guy, one night after having a little too much to drink I spilled the beans about the virus. He was completely accepting of it and we are still talking. Just 3 short weeks later I caught a break out right in time. Little did I know, that herpes can also break out anywhere on your skin near your nerves. I was out partying one night when I realized a lump on my knee. I thought it was a spider bite, went to the doctor, and found out that my herpes had spread to my knee. It was really painful and I didn't want to walk anywhere.

It is finally healing, and I am looking at this in a positive light. I am now on medication everyday, and I'm okay with it. I also talked to my doctor on my campus and am going to be a peer adviser for students who may also being going though this, or any questions they have. I decided that I want to be very open about my herpes, so that other people know the horror that it has caused me. I hope this information is useful. And the best advice I can give someone is to be open, and to make sure you have support. My friends have been very supportive and even the guy I am dating. Next step: telling my mom. Wish me luck!

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