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Mar 31, 2017
Natural remedies to cure herpes
by: HealthMental

Hello Everyone,

I see many people suffering from herpes so today I would like to share some valuable information with you on how to cure your herpes with this 6 natural remedies.

What is Herpes?
Herpes simplex virus infects the body by close contact with an infected person. There are two types of Herpes, one known as Oral Herpes and the other as Genital Herpes. They are classified according to the site of the Herpes symptoms. Herpes is commonly known to produce blisters on the above mentioned areas which give rise to sores and itchy annoying pain which can be a disturbance in one’s life. This ailment can be minimized a lot by natural proven home treatment for Herpes

Herpes Symptoms and Signs
Genital Herpes symptoms are commonly blisters around the genital areas as well as on thighs and buttocks. These blisters can break resulting in sores. Oral Herpes symptoms are usually related to sores around the mouth and lips. Symptoms arise from time to time as outbreaks and can be very painful and often when it shows up first. Then it gradually decreases but may appear again in months or years.

6 Effective Natural Cure for Herpes
1. Olive Oil

2. Aloe Vera Juice

3. Cornstarch

4. Echinacea

5. Black Coffee

6. Honey

Watch the above video for more detailed instructions.

Nov 21, 2015
Worried about transmission
by: Sky

You can still pass the virus even if there are no symptoms.

Safe sex practices all the way! Condoms, dental dams etc..

All you can do is manage this virus powerfully and with integrity.
You have disclosed your current status to your partner- they are a capable adult so allow them to be great with you, and enjoy it! :)

There are some amazing medical advances being made in terms of generating a cure for this virus; in the meantime though (and this is the part I struggle with since my diagnosis) there will always be a risk of transmission.. this has been a great teacher in compassion.
I don't know if I will ever 'be okay' with being a risk to others, but this also doesn't mean I am not worthy or capable of a healthy, loving relationship that is both inspiring and passionate.
I am not this virus, the same way you are not this virus.
In those small moments of anxiety where that fear of transmission creeps up, I take a (okay, a few lol) deep breath, honour myself for caring so deeply- for the connection to reverence I have for wellbeing, and then extend that to myself.

I have moments with my partner where I become frustrated that I can't 'be' with them exactly how I want to be in moments of outbreak, or possible outbreak, and I share these feelings with him.
What has been cultivated is an even deeper bond and connection as we learn to be with each other, love and honour what we are committed to creating in the relationship, while being with shared frustration& sadness... it is very powerful!
He gets beautiful training in what it is to hold space for me as a woman, and I get beautiful training in trusting and letting my self be held(emotionally and physically) by another.

You are a gift, sweet darling.
Stand in that place of knowing <3

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