Why Did My Blood Test Come Back Negative?

by Asha

Well I had unprotected sex with someone I thought I could trust (big mistake) two days after I was really sore so I thought maybe it was nothing and ignored it, but the day after two bumps appeared at the end of my vagina, and they burned when I touched them...my first thought was herpes...because I’ve read about it before...and I knew I had had unprotected sex. It was just as much my fault as his.

So I couldn’t make an appt for the doctor until about 5 days later. By then the sores had opened and were very painful. As soon as I told the doctor without looking at it she said it could be herpes. Part of me knew but the other part of me was so devastated.

So she ran test for herpes and other STDs, and did cultures for the bumps. I got a call 4 days later saying that all the blood tests had came back negative, but then I got another call saying that the culture had came back with some overgrowth of herpes.

So it was positive....so now it was official I was diagnosed with genital herpes. I’m only 23, and I don’t think I will find anybody to accept me with this disease. I don’t have anybody to talk to because I know my family will just judge me for being stupid. The first time I cried was writing this. It’s been two weeks since I found out.

I just don’t know what to do anymore...part of me wants to doubt that its herpes, but I have to accept it, and it’s hard. I really just need someone to talk to :(

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