Where Can We Go From Here?

by Mark Ar

My girl friend came to me and said we needed to talk, she told me that she got tested and that it came back positive for herpes. I’m waiting on my test to come back but since she told me I’ve gotten sores and blisters. So I’m sure that I have it as well. I love her so were still together and I’m not going to let it ruin our relationship or either one of our lives. We both just turned 20 this year so are young and not sure where to go from here. The doc gave us meds but that was as much help as he gave. We just wanted to know if there was anything that we needed to know.


Dear Mark,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. We’re glad that you both got tested right away and are still together staying positive in life.

Now that you both have the virus, there are just certain adjustments to be made to avoid outbreak triggers. These are stress, lack of sleep, improper diet, and inadequate exercise. If anything, herpes can help improve your health as you are pushed to nurture and take good care of yourself.

Research all you can about the virus, that way you have information to know what works for you health-wise. You may even want to read up on Genital Herpes Sex for some advice before you get intimate again. Our Herpes Guide has also great tips and suggestions on how to live happier with herpes.

This whole experience will give you both a deeper appreciation and dimension of your relationship, with more love and value for each other.

God bless!



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Aug 01, 2013
I know how you feel
by: Anonymous

I'm 21 and got diagnosed a few months ago. I had only been dating my bf for 6 days when I told him, and to my surprise he stayed with me. I have hsv1. Now what you guys need to do is educate yourself. Take L-Lysine supplements and eat foods high in lysine. It will help prevent outbreaks. Get enough sleep, and also exercise.

This is a simple treatable and manageable skin rash caused by a virus. It just has a dirty stigma attached to it, and really it shouldn't. Mono is a form of herpes, and so is shingles. Eventually they will probably have a "cure" for herpes. But for now, be smart and continue living the life you were already living. You love each other. A little skin condition won't change that :) if anything it'll help you connect on a deeper level.

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