When an Outbreak Occurs I am Even Scared to Touch Myself, Bathing etc. How Do You Take Care of Personal Needs and Limit the Chance of Spreading to Other Parts of Your Body?

by Anonymous

I have been HSV-2 positive for three years now and until my last outbreak have only seen blisters on my inner thigh and once on my buttocks. I try to be very careful when showering during an ob or using the bathroom but I had one small group of blisters on of my vaginal lips a few weeks ago and went backwards to the fear I had when first diagnosed. Will it continue to spread like this - how do you care for your personal needs and prevent spreading to other parts of your body?


Dear Anonymous,

Autoinoculation can indeed happen with herpes, especially on your first true primary outbreak. This means that you can spread the virus to other parts of your body because your immune system has not produced the necessary antibodies to fight off against it.

Considering that you’ve had herpes for quite a while, the chances of transmitting to other body parts are slim, because you’re body has had time to understand the virus and produce antibodies against it.

Still, herpes is highly contagious even without the visible signs of an outbreak. Best is to practice proper hygiene such as regular washing of the hands after using the bathroom. The herpes virus dies relatively quickly outside of the body and can be easily killed with soap and water. Perhaps also try to avoid unnecessarily touching your eyes, face, etc.

But there’s no need to be paranoid about it! I find that when it comes down to hygiene, people can easily overdo. Herpes is a manageable virus which produces outbreaks that lessen overtime. As long as you take proper precaution and suppressive medication, the severity and longevity of outbreaks will eventually be reduced.

Hope this helps!



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