What to do about using the bathroom it burns sooooooo Bad! HELP ME

by Anonymous

I was diagnosed with genital herpes 3 days ago and the worse part about it for me is going to the bathroom I tried spraying water while I pee or even sitting in the bathtub and trying to use the bathroom but nothing seems to work for me it’s so painful that I would hold my pee for long periods of time and I also try not to drink too much just so I won’t go to the bathroom I just really don’t know what to do?


Dear Anonymous,

I’m sorry to hear about your condition.

The first outbreak is usually the worst, and the burning sensation is 10x more dreadful for women because urine can directly trickle down the open sores.

Here are some tricks that could help lessen the pain when urinating:

1) Epsom Salt Bath. Sprinkle Epsom salts in a tub with warm water the next time you take a bath. This helps dry out the sores and speeds up the healing process. Only do this when sores are still closed otherwise it can sting.

2) Stay hydrated. I know this sounds like the opposite of what you would want to do but trust me, drinking lots of water can help. Water can dilute acidic urine so the more you drink, the more it becomes less and less painful when you pee.

3) Numbing medication. When the pain becomes unbearable, ask your doctor to prescribe you with numbing pain medication. Applying this on the sores can help ease the throbbing pain.

For some people, herpes outbreaks can get so uncomfortable and painful. But hang in there.

It all gets better from here—slowly but surely.



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