What if After I Had My First Kiss Little Bumps and Dots Started Forming On The Back of My Tongue and Throat? Is That Herpes?

by Kathrine Swann

I had my first kiss without my parents knowing, I’m fifteen, and it was cute and innocent. But a little while after I was forming white-ish bumps and dots on the back of my tongue and throat. Is that herpes? I don't think my boyfriend has herpes and I didn't know herpes could be transmitted through just kissing but now I’m somewhat nervous and am not really sure if I want to tell my parents but I have to be safe and honest if that turns out to be what it is. I would appreciate your help :)


Dear Kathrine,

Bumps and dots inside the mouth can be myriad of things. They could be symptoms of a strep throat or tonsillitis. Although, HSV-1 or Oral Herpes can be transmitted through kissing, it is highly unlikely for the virus to appear deep inside the oral cavity.

A doctor would probably be able to provide a thorough examination and diagnosis. If these bumps reappear and are bothering you, best is to set an appointment with your doctor to get some blood work done. He can provide you with antibiotics and medicines to alleviate your symptoms.

If you wish, you can also opt to include HSV 1 screening with the tests to get some peace of mind. STD Express has a list of affordable, confidential, and fast herpes tests that you might find helpful.

Also get your partner tested, he may have HSV 1 and not know it. Some people just carry the virus and don’t manifest the symptoms unless they get sick.

Hope this helps!



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