Three Ways To Deal With Herpes

by FaithHopeLove

I was diagnosed with HSV1 (oral) just 48 hours ago. I come from a conservative background and am still a virgin but contracted the virus through sharing drinks with a sorority sister over the weekend. I was devastated. "WHY ME?" and "ITS SO UNFAIR" kept running through my mind.

But the very first thing that came to my mind was what would happen to my relationship with my current boyfriend (who is the love of my life). We had both been waiting to have sex for the first time when it was absolutely perfect. This weekend will mark our 1st year anniversary and it would have been the date when we took that important next step together. It felt like my entire future came crashing down on me.

Luckily, I had my family to support me, and just this evening my boyfriend came over to say that he loves me and will be here for me no matter what.

In between that first diagnosis and this evening I've had a complete roller coaster ride of denial, bargaining, anger, depression... you name it! I woke up at 3 AM and couldn't go back to sleep because I was crying so hard I could barely breathe.

What really helped me get to this place of acceptance and peace (and so fast!) was

1. My family and my boyfriend's love and support

2. THIS BLOG! and a few other sites also gave up useful info. Having that KNOWLEDGE made me feel like I had some CONTROL in the situation. It really made a big difference in my perspective.

3. Finding out that RESEARCHERS PREDICT A CURE within the next 5-10 years. Herpes might not be curable now, but it will be.

Last, I want to share this quote with you...


My body might be damaged by this infection, but it is just a vessel. I am the exact same beautiful, smart, lovable girl that I was before I got herpes. I can still carry forward on my journey.

Much love to everyone

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