Thought I Would Have to Settle

I slept with someone while using condoms and ended up with herpes 2 weeks later. I had a horrible first outbreak and the guy claimed to not know he had it. This relationship ended but it was hard to leave him because I thought I would never have sex again but he was not right for me. A couple months went by where I felt like I had been plagued with this disease that really didn’t affect me on a day to day basis. But how would I ever find a descent guy feeling this way?

I then met a guy and we just hit it off immediately, feelings I never had before with anyone else but I knew there would come a point very soon that I would have to tell him and I was so scared of being rejected. I told him I wanted to take things slow and he was good about it but as we hung out more and more he sensed something was on my mind and he asked what's wrong. I didn't want to say anything but I knew it was my chance, I said I have something to tell you that may end our relationship.

At this point I was freezing up and my legs were shaking. I told him first I had gotten an STD but didn’t want to say what it was because I hated hearing the word. So he said herpes? Finally it was out all the stressing out about it for so long even though I was scared he would leave at least I felt some relief. He said he liked me a lot and this decision was hard not because of the herpes but because he thought of if more like do I want to spend my life with this person? Which I never even considered I assumed when I told him that things would end. He was very sweet and comforting and asked questions.

The next day he said that we should still see each other and get to know if things get serious before we have sex. He even went to the doctor on his own and asked questions. We really have strong feelings for each other and herpes might be the thing that brings us closer.

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