This Will Not Change My Life in a Bad Way!

by John Doe

I just found out yesterday I have HSV2. It is no doubt a shock and something that is hard to digest. But after some thought I must say it's not by far the worst news I could have received. When considering health I do not see how in any way this will affect my life from a health standpoint. Yes I could have a minor skin complication from time to time but it also sounds like that is under my control. I can either go the pharmaceutical route or go the "natural" route to control it, I still haven't decided.

I feel sad that this has devastated so many on this site but don't really understand. From what I read so many people have it so there is no reason to feel you are alone or "dirty". I do understand that people look down on HSV2 but you cannot let others make you feel bad about yourself. This doesn't mean that I am ready to announce it to the world either. I may have gotten lucky but my condition was very "mild" and cleared up quickly. There are others that never even show symptoms. I am feeling confident that I can control this minor skin issue.

The hard part is sharing this with the one you love. I had to have "the talk" today over the phone and this scared me so much more than knowing I have HSV2. I have recently fallen in love with the most wonderful woman I have ever met and we are having a long distance relationship. I am convinced I ignored symptoms once before we met (partly because it did not match others descriptions and I passed it off as latex irritation). I was worried that I gave it to her and felt horrible about it.

The best thing would be that I didn't pass it along but then I would be scared that she wouldn't want to be with me anymore. In any case I found out and have to have the talk with the woman I love. Immediately she almost seemed frustrated with my lead up because she expected in her eyes something horrible to be wrong.

Basically she said SO WHAT!!! This is nothing that effects your health and if you have it I will have it too (we might need to talk about this a bit more). But she was completely supportive and it does not seem that this will have any effect on our relationship other than I want to be careful not to pass it along. I could not have felt better after "the talk".

I wish everyone the best of luck when dealing with this!!!

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