The unknown....

by Faith
(OC, California )

Dear Gary,

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I feel how much soul-searching you've done, and I was truly inspired reading it. I don't know if I have herpes. Today I discovered a strange blister, and couple of weeks ago I had urinary tract infection that just wouldn't go away, and when I did lab work they told me that I don't have an infection. Today when I saw the blister, I got suspicious, and looked up on webmd for symptoms. Sure enough UTI symptoms are also symptoms for Herpes. Muscle testing is very strong for herpes too. I got very scared and upset. And I totally relate to your feelings.

I am an inspirational coach, speaker and author. I coach people how to be successful. I then realized that this is my path, I will have to use it to help others. I googled inspirational leaders with herpes, and your website came out. I am truly grateful for it! We tend to judge ourselves as dirty, unworthy, unlovable etc. I am sure there are people who will judge us, but most will probably relate. I am still feeling upset, but more than upset, embarrassed! This is going to have to be one big lesson to heal.

Thank you again for your inspiration, love and honesty! You really do what you've intended to do.

I hope you write a book, speak about it and really bring awareness of this issue to the world!

Love and light,

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