The Talk I'm Afraid Of

OK, I’m a female in my late 40's and have NEVER had an STD.. and I’ve dodged a bullet because of the unprotected sex I’ve had in the past..Well... recently I had a sore spot in my nether region.. and went to the doctor and had a culture test and blood test...I almost hit the floor when though office called me and said i had HSV2!!!

I am still in shock.. I just also recently met someone that I had sex with before I found out..and I like him a lot.. and not sure how he is going to take this.. I’m scared.. and feel like a leper...I guess they can tell if u have recently have this or have had it for some time... and I guess I’ve had this for a while now.. I didn’t even know!!

I think I’ve had a sore spot like 4 yrs ago? And then just recently.. I thought it was from rough sex or friction?? Well it’s not.... if I continue to have sex with him.. Will a condom prevent him from getting it? And if I don’t break out am I still contagious? Am I ever not contagious?? I suppose saying is a virus, that causes a skin rash makes it sound less of a life changing ordeal..

But.. I feel like the dirtiest person ever...and I don’t want to lose him...and I feel for everyone out there that has this..And may not even know.. Any encouragement would be helpful.... I’m trying to’s just a manageable skin rash ..right? :(

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