That Wheelchair Man...

I was diagnosed and felt horrid. I didn't know what it was. It was distracting from school since I couldn't get it together emotionally.

I eventually woke up one day and said enough with alcohol. Then I felt better.

Then I went into that emotional isolation. My friend made me practice the talk till I stopped crying and could do it where I got to the point.

A couple of months later, I was riding my bike home from work near the end of the route (27 miles in) and I saw thus homeless guy struggling with a wheelchair.

Two blocks later I saw a guy holding a sign saying cars are dangerous. Noooooo s****.

From then on, I realized I'm one lucky girl who is not physically limited, gifted and smart, and more importantly, now look at my pros.

Dating is a game to have integrity and to be are also looking for someone to complete you too. I lost a couple of dates because I put off physicalness.

Now, I give the talk. It's a game changer but hell, terminal cancer is a game ender. Keep that in mind peeps struggling.

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