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by Catie
(baltimore md usa)

I was dating my son’s father for over a year and never had any outbreaks. Until about 6 months later I noticed white painful blisters. So I immediately went the ER and was diagnosed with herpes simplex virus type 2. I cried and cried. I felt like my whole life was over. I was sure he had sex with somebody else because it took so long for me to get an outbreak. The first outbreak was the worse that I've seen yet. We got our medications and continued dating each other, I have symptoms of a yeast infection but I’m not sure it as well could be the herpes again because I've had this for so long. I do have medicine still left but I'm pregnant again and I don't want to harm the baby.


Dear Catie:

Please don’t feel discouraged. Most women with herpes have normal vaginal births and produce well babies. There are just some precautionary measures that you have to take to ensure a healthy delivery.

First of all, don’t indulge into activities that can trigger an outbreak. For the whole duration of the pregnancy, do everything you can to protect your body from unhealthy habits; avoid stress and eat right, as well as get more sleep and exercise into your regimen.

The risk of herpes transmission will depend on what stage of the pregnancy you experience the outbreak/s. If you had an outbreak before you got pregnant, the risk of transmitting herpes to your baby is very low. During the first trimester (3 months) however, there is a small risk of miscarriage but a higher risk of transmitting the virus if you experience an outbreak. Finally, if the attack happens later in your pregnancy right before giving birth, there is a much further increased chance of passing herpes to your baby.

So if you have doubts on whether you are having another outbreak or some other infection, we recommend that you visit your OBGYN for medical assistance. A doctor can give you advice on what medicine to take and when you can safely take them.

Hope this helps!



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Jan 24, 2013
by: eric

Are there any support groups? Three years ago I was diagnosed. My partner thus far has not been affected yet. Yet there are constant insensitive comments made. I need some mental stability and reassurance that I am not dirty.

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