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by Star
(NYC )


I thought I would put this story out into the webverse because there is so much fear out there and I found myself being bogged down with other peoples fear.

I would search for the positive stories like a search beam in the darkness and I remember holding onto those stories which held such tremendous comfort.

I contracted hsv 2 (not saying H because it's stupid) 3 years ago. My boyfriend at the time had an active outbreak on his buttocks. I remember asking him what it was (it was a particularly ugly outbreak) and he told me it was shingles. I didn't realize hsv 2 could appear on the buttocks. Lack of education plays a big part in the transfer of the virus. 2 weeks later I showed symptoms and quickly put it together.

I took it upon myself to go to my gynae (three in fact) and ask all the questions and have all the tests which confirmed what I knew. Here are helpful hints to managing outbreaks and they really work! For me anyway:

1. Diet has got to change. I kicked caffeine, chocolate and anything with a high arginine ratio. I take a lysine supp daily. B12 monthly. What is really important is your immune system. You need to support it to the maximum. Accordingly I went to have my blood analyzed. I'm blood type O so I cut out gluten and nuts. All of these changes have led to the longest break out free period in two years and the healthiest I have ever been.

2. Don't read the internet unless you type in
"happy herpes stories".
You will crash emotionally. It's a scary place for a relatively small health issue. More people need to speak up and own it in the most positive way. It changes your sexual practice and in a way it protects you from bad people and bad health. If presents you with challenges for His own beautiful reasons.

3. Tell people. I kept it to myself for two years and the burden that was lifted when I told my mom and good friend was immeasurable. I'm still working on being honest upfront with the right person. I have taken a while to get to this stage but the key to what I've seen on the internet is that those that were honest garnered the most respect. Admittedly I have not been honest and have not hurt anyone up until this point but it is do thing that needs to be done.

4. I was told you can't pass it on if there is no active outbreak. However there is a prodromal phase which is usually clearly felt by a tingling and a general drained feeling. Start to pay really close attention to your body. It's an incredible instrument and will tell you what you need to know.

5. Maintain hope. There are at least two vaccines in the pipelines showing tremendous promise. Pray for the scientists and send positive energy their way. And when they have the cure, you will be a cured empathetic wonderful human being from the experience. I really look forward to that day when I laugh about it at a dinner table.

Good luck and stay positive.

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