by Bill

Thanks for doing this first of all. There is so much misinformation out there, and even doctors seem to be confused.

I had an encounter, and ten days later, started to feel itchy, and tingly all over my penis and scrotum. I had some redness in an area. A few days later I showed my doctor, he said it wasn't herpes, there were no blisters. He put me on Acyclovir just in case, and gave me a blood test. The tests came back negative, but I was soon told the one that tests for recent exposure, IGM, is totally unreliable and it was too soon to know.

The doctor said it was fungal and told me to use some lotrimin. Three weeks later, I still have this tingling feeling. I don't know how to describe it but it feels like bugs are crawling all over my genitals, or the pins and needles you feel when your foot falls asleep. It seems stuck in this phase. The CDC says that prodrome lasts a few hours to a few days. Have you heard of it lasting for weeks?! I'm in agony, and have seen multiple doctors who keep saying, I don't see herpes, just put some fungal cream on it.


Dear Bill,

Prodome is the body’s way of reacting to an oncoming herpes outbreak. The duration of each episode varies from person to person. Some people complain that they experience prodrome for 14 days straight, and some report up to 8 weeks. The first six months can be difficult as your body is starting to build antibodies against the virus.

I'm sorry to hear that you’re in so much discomfort! Hope things improve for you soon. Once your body adjusts to the virus, the prodrome symptoms will get shorter and less frequent. It will surely get better in the end.

I'm glad you find this website helpful. Remember, you are not alone in this. So keep your head up.

God bless.



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Aug 21, 2014
yes, I have exact same symptoms, and test negative for HSV-2.
by: Anonymous

Bugs crawling around down there, bubbly feeling, pinchy, prickly... yep, I know I have herpes, but every doctor tells me otherwise. What are they teaching these people in medical school? I've read that very few people have the 'classic' symptoms of blisters. I constantly feel abnormal 'down there,' like if I just adjust my pants, or move my leg, it will go away. And it never does. It's been 5 years now, and it's a little better, but the symptoms are always there.

My symptoms began 3 days after sexual contact. The tingling, and a discharge was there, with swelling so bad that I couldn't even walk. I had to lay down with an ice pack. Every blood test came back negative, although I did have HSV-1 (cold sores) but now I hear that can also be in the genital region. Guess that's what I have! But supposedly, if it's Type 1 genitally, symptoms are milder. Not so for me! It helps to know I'm not alone; the worst part was not getting a diagnosis. I basically have diagnosed myself, as I know my body much better than doctors do.

Unless there is a new strain of herpes, or a new STI, these symptoms have to be HSV-1 genitally. And they just never end, as you say, it's constant agony, just varying degrees.

In 2008, I read that viruses could be 'killed' by shaking them to death with their resonant frequency. I wonder if that's the cure, but the Pharmaceutical companies are suppressing the information so they can make millions of dollars off other peoples' misery. Anyway, that fact gives me some hope that one day all STDs can be cured, including HIV.

As far as sex goes, I'm a 'sexual anorexic' now. For 2 reasons... one, I can't give this virus to anyone I love and two, I never feel 'in the mood' because the symptoms never go away. Even if I did find a lover who also has herpes, let's not forget there are 2 types! He may have type 2 while I have type 1, and we have sex and now we both have both types. Ain't gonna happen for me. It's just simpler to refrain from sex.

Even the texture of my skin down there has changed... it's almost 'sticky' or 'gummy.' I don't miss sex that much... but I do miss my old body. I feel like I'm in someone else's skin now. One thing the herpes has taught me... I can overcome. I feel if life throws something worse at me, I'll be able to rise above it.

Aug 13, 2013
Never ending prodrome...
by: Bill

Thanks for the reply. I'm going on about 10 months now and still have these constant prodrome feelings, and I'm still testing negative via the IGG tests. There are small periods through out the day where it feels very mild, like its almost gone, but then there are these pinches, and prickly sensations. I've taken every anti-fungal/yeast and antibiotic under the sun and nothing helps. Its very much on par with what I've heard from other people about herpes. It seems particularly activated by food, especially coffee or alcohol which really gets it going. I'm pretty much in constant agony, its just a degree of how bad.

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