by Linzi
(Redding, Ca)

My name is Linzi and I was just diagnosed with herpes simplex virus type 2 (genital herpes). Sadly, before I was diagnosed, I was unaware that I had it until I had a really bad outbreak. When I was first diagnosed, I was dating a guy who had been a virgin when we got together. I was so horrified when I found out and afraid that he would leave me over this that it just exhausted my body with stress.

When I did end up telling him, which was the next time I saw him, he reacted in a way I was not expecting! He held me and told me he still loved me and that he would help me through this. Then not five minutes later he adds, "oh and I think you gave it to me!" and he laughed! I urged him to get tested just to be sure and low and behold the test came back positive. He had it as well. He didn't even care that he got it from me and he doesn't think of me any different.

Telling him made the whole process of dealing with herpes so much easier! He accepted me for who I am and we love each other! All the emotional stress that I had to go through... seemed to vanish the moment I had to courage to be honest and open about it to him. You can truly find love with herpes! I'm living proof! So don’t lose hope. There’s always a silver lining in the end.

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Dec 21, 2013
thinking logicaly.
by: Linzi

I know exactly sure I got it from, I couldn't have gotten it from my boyfriend because he was a Virgin before we met.

Dec 21, 2013
think logically
by: Anonymous

Both you girls need to think a little harder like I did. You probably got it from your boyfriends. So approach it that way, lovingly, like, "I'M sure you wouldn't do this on purpose, but if you haven't been tested negative for herpes, do you think you could have given it to me?" and then ask if has ever had a cold sore. I think my fiancee transferred my cold sore virus to my female part by oral sex. He has not been tested. But has never had a cold sore or an outbreak. But I could have gotten it from him, or it could be from my distant past and I am run down and stressed and sick right now.

Mar 23, 2013
Thank You
by: Lindsey

Thank you for sharing this story with us.

I clicked on your story out of curiosity after seeing we share the same name. haha But it's amazing how much it relates to what I'm going through right now.

Last week, I started having symptoms and at first, I just thought it was a yeast infection. Then I noticed the bumps.

Long story short, it got worse, I got tested, results aren't in yet but the doctor said he's 80% sure it appears to be herpes.

I've been with an amazing guy for quite a while now. We met two years ago, had an off and on long distance relationship, and have been together officially now for a few months. This is the guy I met and immediately decided I wanted to marry. The stress of telling him is unbearable.

My gyno said I could have had the virus for months or even years without knowing. I took a herpes test as part of my routine check up (i always want to be tested for everything to be safe) several months ago and it was negative for herpes but apparently they're not 100% accurate. Either that, or I got it from my BF and he was unaware too (this is not something he would hide).

I've been going through a lot of stress recently with my career, my personal life, and finding out I have cancerous cysts in my ovaries. Doc said all of these things could have triggered it.

I'm just so terrified to tell my boyfriend. I'm so fearful of the rejection. What if he's angry? What if he leaves me and I have to deal with this on my own? I know he loves me but that is still some difficult news to hear.

Sorry for venting but I've been keeping all my thoughts in so it's nice to have an outlet.

I'll cut myself off but thank you for sharing, Linzi. It gives me hope.

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