Still in the Process of Acceptance

by A

I was first diagnosed with herpes last month from oral sex (I'm most certain, but it could have been skin-to-skin), worse day of my life. I cried to my best friend, I know who gave it to me. It was a person I trusted enough not to use protection.

Wrong choice I guess, til this day I never told him.. && don't plan on telling him (it may sound selfish, but think about it like this... Did he tell me??) I see him && talk to him almost EVERYDAY (fake huh).! I thought long and hard, and I just decided to stress-free myself, and take my meds when I feel an outbreak coming on.

I just recently made 22 on Sunday, and I'm not going to let this control my life. Thing about it is, I haven't told my boyfriend whom I've been dating for 10 months, he knows about my infidelities (he's incarcerated by the way) he understands and forgave me, I just wonder how he's going to feel about the news I'm going to tell him.

I love him very much, and don't want to lose him to this but I want an honest relationship. I'm still trying to face the fact, I leave it all up to God && I just live. I forgive the guy who gave it too me, && he doesn't even know it. && if my boyfriend loves me to death like he say he does, then we should have no problem moving forward.!

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