Still Getting Married

by Anonymous
(Washington, DC)

I met a wonderful man about 1 and a half years ago and we have established a loving, fun, and monogamous relationship. We've stayed together during thick and thin and plan to be married this summer.

However, I was recently diagnosed with herpes (and I'm pregnant) and was unsure of where the relationship would go after telling him. I was honest about my test results and told him that I'd rather he leave me if he tested negative again (since our relationship began, he's tested negative twice).

He said, "Don't tell me what I should do, rather let me know that you'd support my decision regardless of what it is". He said he has been committed to me from the beginning and will always be and that he still plans on marrying me! I thanked God for such an awesome man who's willing to take this risk and stay with me.

I've been able to deal with this condition knowing that he's by my side. And based on everything I've read about pregnant women and herpes, I'm looking forward to a healthy baby, because it's indeed possible to have one if you contracted herpes prior to getting pregnant.

I look forward to my man being by my side the whole way!


Dear Anonymous,

That’s great to hear that your man is committed to you and helping you out through this whole ordeal. Now that you are pregnant, there are certain precautionary measures that you have to take to ensure a safe delivery. There are millions of women today that have delivered bouncing, healthy babies despite having Herpes in their system.

It is even possible to avoid having c-section altogether as long as you don’t have an active outbreak during pregnancy and especially nearing the end of your third trimester. Do keep up with your anti-viral suppressants, eat healthily, exercise, and avoid stress. The next thing you know, you’ll be holding that beautiful bundle of joy in your arms!

God bless!



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