Should I Date Someone with Herpes?

by Dave
(Miami, FL)

I met this amazing girl.

We text, talk, email and have been on one date.
We have never more than kissed on the cheek.
We seem to be really in tune but the closer we got the more I felt she was pulling back.
Then one day I said someone that really stressed her out (phew...that's another story!).
For a few days she made efforts to avoid me.

However we ran into each other once and I noticed she had a kind of red, inflamed area near her nose.

A week later and she was back to normal, when I see her she turns and smiles and waves me over and it seems like she likes me again.

So I feel like there is an obvious assumption she had a Herpes outbreak due to stress.

We aren't in love, she has kept too distant for that.
I see I have a decision to make.
To stay, or move on from someone who I am both fascinated with and very interested in.

Can anyone give me advice.
Am I crazy to voluntarily expose myself to this ?

(btw I had a full set of STD tests 3 years ago after I found out my now ex-wife might have been sleeping around and have not had a sexual relationship since so I know I am currently clear).

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