Shock of My Life!!!

It started when I went to the doctor for some irritation. I explained how I would have this break out like once or twice a year.

So my doctor asked me if I wanted to get tested for any STDs and stuff. So I agreed. I got tested for EVERYTHING. I was so nervous waiting on my results.

I went back in a week later and found out that I had HSV2. I didn't break down or anything at the moment, I was just shocked.

Then my doctor told me that I would have to tell my boyfriend, who I was friends with at the time and who I haven't had sex with.

I was so scared and nervous thinking that he wouldn't want to talk to me. I broke down crying and didn't know how I was gone do it.

Eventually I did. He told me that he still loves me the same and that as long as there is something we can do to help him not be able to get it that everything will be OK.

Now we are in a very serious relationship. Serious as in... Talking about marriage serious. So there is hope.

If you have to tell a bf/gf or someone you're talking to, then go ahead. It's better to go ahead and tell them instead of waiting.

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