Serendipity! Usually This Word is a Positive

by Maureen
(Wisconsin )

I am 24, female from Wisconsin, USA.

I was recently diagnosed with HSV, in December of 2012. I have been struggling since to look at it positively it’s been a rough road. I ended my relationship. After finding out he was a carrier, but now I feel as though it’s my only option to remain with him because now I share the same as him...

I am trying to just not go back for that reason, so I have decided I don't need him, I just want him. Under these circumstances. I'm going forward for myself and going towards my NEEDS, instead of my WANTS! I HAVE TO MOVE ON.

Wish me luck in finding myself and maybe I will find someone who will. Accept me for me and not my disease.




Dear Maureen,

It’s really tough to accept a herpes diagnosis. I remember feeling like my world was falling apart when I first found out I had it. But the sooner I got myself over it, the faster I was able to heal myself inside and out. Checking out Herpes Support Groups really helped a lot in the recovery process.

So please don’t despair. Remember, you don’t have to settle because you’re definitely not alone in this!

You’ll soon find out that there are loads of people out there who are open minded and understanding about herpes. I am positive that your soul mate is out there and probably looking for you too.

Thank you for sharing your story. Your optimism is highly contagious.

Good luck in your search for love, have the courage to believe in yourself, and tell yourself every day that you love yourself. That's the first step.

God bless.



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