Responsibility Leads to Forgiveness and Acceptance

by Nicola
(Edmonton, Canada)

I was infected with Genital Herpes months into my last relationship, which lasted five years; I recently ended the relationship, but NOT because of the herpes!

I suspected he knew when we met, but I took responsibility for my choice to not use protection against STDs, even in my late 30s!

It was devastasting, but when I look back - in hindsight - it could have happened much sooner and I feel I missed the bullet for many years; odds were that at some point in my life the odds would roll against me.

And they did . . .

I have been single for only a month and know - in foresight - that the herpes conversation will not be an easy one, BUT I refuse to give up on love and believe the right man for me will accept me for who I am because of where I've been!

I am presently going through a breakout, accept that this is my reality now, and can work through the pain of blisters and sores that need healing; I relate each cycle of breakouts to life itself in that I know there is a beginning and end to all breakouts.

Be at peace with it all, your lot in life!


Dear Nicola,

Thank you for sharing your story with us! Yes, a person who truly loves you will accept you for who you are. Which is why it is important for us to be totally honest and have "The Talk" with our partners especially when being intimate is on the horizon.

We have a lovely article on Living With Herpes that you might find helpful. Our Herpes Survival Guide eBook also has great tips and advice on how and when to give "The Talk".

Herpes should not define who we are and what we can accomplish in our lives. It should not control us and make us feel miserable forever. Instead, it can be a source of strength and encouragement to continue on this journey we call life.

Stay positive and at peace!



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