by Piyo

dear friends,

i am male,31, was diagnosed having herpes a week ago. at first i noticed there are red dots and blister , i was worried and have the doctor to check. when the doc told me that i have herpes, my whole world seesms to collapse. so many questions in my head,"what am i going to tell my gf, my parents?" "what if my gf break up with me?" "i will bring shame to my family, nobody wants me anymore".

i was so confused and on the edge of depression. so i try to dig more info about herpes, treatment , possible cures or any thing that can get the virus out of me. the more i read the more depressed i become. curezone, herpes support all come back blanks. then i found this website.

i start reading testimonials and it makes me feel better. so yesterday, i plucked my courage and gave my gf "the talk". she was crying when i told her i have a virus. she thought i have hiv. but when i told her i have herpes, her respond was "is not that critical, is not cancer or is not lupus, why make a big deal out of it?". it makes me feel more guilty..we haven't have sex yet so i doubt i have passed it to her.

i feel warmth inside me that i found such a kind, understanding and accepting gf. is like God send her to take away my burden. i am grateful to Gary for this website, it teaches me to man up and do the right thing. i had been a dog in the past and hopefully with what God has given me, it will turn my life to the better.

for those friends out there who suffering from herpes, i hope you can find someone who can accept you "as is". the wrong doings is in the past, as long as we learn to not make the same mistake again. we will be ok. last but not least, i prayed before i gave my gf the talk. bring your problem to Him, he will guide you till the finish line. fyi i am not as rEligious as i type. but it is the truth.


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May 21, 2014
Front foot forward
by: Anonymous

Your situation has been very similar to mine.

I found out about contracting this after experiencing some relatively mild symptoms (compared to some of what I have read online) and obviously have gone through the washing machine, emotionally, like everyone else upon diagnosis.

Hearing your story has eased the pain, although I am yet to tell my gf, I now have hope that she will accept me for me as and when I do.

Note to others, don't let this virus direct your movements, but it is important to know the facts and be brave in your future decision making.

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