Recently Found Out I Had GH Weeks Ago

by Anonymous

So I Recently Found Out I Had Genital Herpes... I Couldn't Cry., I Wasn't Angry., I Was Just Quiet And Contemplative When My Doctor Told Me... This Is The Thing That Bothers Me Though I Don't Have Any Pain Or Anything. I Don't Get Sores Or Anything. The Only Thing I Get Are Bumps On The Bottom Of My Behind. Oh And I'm 17 And About To Graduate And Go To College..

I Recently Met This Guy And He Started Liking Me And I Told Him Straight Up About My Situation And He Was Like Well I Don't Want To Stop Talking To You Because Then That'll Make It Seem As If I Just Wanted You For Sex. When He Said That It Made My Heart Skip A Bit And I’m So Happy That Was His Response To Me. But Every Day I Always Think About Me Having Genital Herpes And What If One Day He Wants To Have Sex..

What Am I Going To Do.? Like I Want To Have Sex But At The Same Time I Do Not Want To Harm Him Or Anyone Period. We've Talked About It Before And He Said That "God Will Make A Way." I Believe That To The Fullest But We're Attending The Same College And I'm Just Like What If One Day He Wants Sex.. Will He Want To Get Active With Me.? It's Just Thoughts Running Through My Mind And I'm Still Trying To Deal With Me Having Genital Herpes.

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